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Unidentified Wildflower

Lots to do today but before I start, this flower is annoying the heck out of me.

I am sure that I used to know it well and I just cannot remember what it is. No, my mind is a complete blank.

I know that I should seek expert help but I am too embarrassed, anyway there are a lot of really clever people that stop by this blog and I am sure that one of you will know what it is.

It was growing way out in the forest at the bottom of a valley, very damp ground and quite open, so lots of sunshine.









P1820447Now did anyone see what I did with my marbles? I can’t seem to find them…

Pardon My Ignorance

Does anyone know what this is?

Yellow FlowerI will be honest, I haven’t really tried to find out yet. I just saw it yesterday. By the end of today I will know all about it and it will be a part of my life but this morning I don’t know what it is.

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

Yellow Flower

Yellow FlowerI can’t tell you very much about it. It is yellow, it is pretty and it wants to be my friend. That’s all I know.

I am going to take Fizz up to the sett and pick up the Badger Cam and then I will go and get some more pictures and find out all about it, if you don’t tell me first.

Yellow FlowerThanks for looking 🙂