It’s your destiny

The Swallows have fledged, or at least they are fledging. They are still in the nest today but they have been out and they can fly.

It has taken me a few days watching and all that you get are a couple of short video’s but for me, my understanding and the pleasure that I got from watching them makes a few days just a drop in the ocean. It was time well spent.

Anyway you should be glad that you don’t have to watch the whole twenty hours of video, that I now have to sort and delete from my machine to free up space.

Here are the best bits.

Yesterday morning there were five birds on the nest, there were five birds on the nest and then there were four birds on the nest. I had missed the very first flight and only realised when number five returned to the nest.

This first video starts with the mother calling for them to leave the nest, there is a little comic interlude of the way that they follow flies, their little heads bobbing in unison and in the last bit the second bird to approach the nest is the returning chick. Does he bring food back or do the others just think that he has?

This next video shows them leaving the nest and returning. They spent most of the day fluttering around inside the little alley way that has become their home and by the end of the day they were all settled back on the nest but this is fledging. Today I think that they have ventured outside and seen the blue sky but they still return to the nest.

These birds have made me think a lot about nature as a whole thing and about life and death in the wild. The caterpillars that I am trying to raise are falling to the parasitoid flies that these Swallows depend on for food and survival. The parents have done a really good job of raising them given the wet weather we have been having. I have often looked out in the pouring rain and wondered how they are managing to raise a brood and now this, flight.

I am so in in love and in awe of them and so damned jealous.

I am jealous because they get to eat those delicious crunchy flies, or perhaps because they can raise offspring in a matter of weeks and not the 26 years it usually takes us. Maybe I am jealous of something else altogether…..



9 thoughts on “It’s your destiny”

  1. I am a huge swallow fan (see “swallow the leader”). We have set up boxes for them but they don’t seem to stick around as much as we’d like. These videos are exactly what I hope to watch in our own little brood. Thanks ever so for providing a glimpse into their fledging days.


    1. Cool:) I have just read your Swallow post. We have dozens of them around the farm. These birds are raising a second brood in this nest and I am waiting to see if the first brood help out with the feeding. Yesterday I had a Swallow in the kitchen. It was flapping at the window like a butterfly. I held my hand above it and it settled down for a moment then it took off in a graceful swoop around the room and out the open door, leaving me a poop on the floor to remember it by 🙂 Glad you liked the post.


  2. What a wonderful gift and vocation! The video is sweet and stunning; your personal comments at the end are heartfelt and moving. Thanks so much.


  3. Thank you so, so much for sharing this video. I used to raise abandoned chicks a long time ago, before my house got overrun with cats and dogs. Just watching their little “Feed me! Feed me!” faces brought back so many memories. 🙂


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