Unidentified Wildflower

Lots to do today but before I start, this flower is annoying the heck out of me.

I am sure that I used to know it well and I just cannot remember what it is. No, my mind is a complete blank.

I know that I should seek expert help but I am too embarrassed, anyway there are a lot of really clever people that stop by this blog and I am sure that one of you will know what it is.

It was growing way out in the forest at the bottom of a valley, very damp ground and quite open, so lots of sunshine.









P1820447Now did anyone see what I did with my marbles? I can’t seem to find them…

16 thoughts on “Unidentified Wildflower”

  1. No, not in my field of knowledge, but then I don’t know much about wild flowers.
    Give me a cultivated plant and/or local bird and I’d have better luck these days..

    I could only tell a Rose from a Daisy 4 years ago when I started photographing flowers & birds. Now I even surprise myself by how many plants or birds I know in my area. Of course, ‘brain fog’ does descend over me sometimes and I can’t remember a damn thing (except my name).


  2. I don’t know.
    I’m not much good with gardening or plant names. I call them all Clocodelias.
    When I first started gardening i planted some Clocdelia creepus allaroundus.
    But they died.
    Then I planted some Clocodelia survivus inspiteofus.
    Those died too.
    The I made a rockery but the next morning one of my rocks had died!

    Perhaps calI it a Clocodelia Unidentifiabelus?


  3. It sort of resembles the “Bleeding Heart” flower. Whatever flower it is, it’s beautiful. I wish I could help you find your marbles, but I’m still looking for mine! Happy Trails!!


  4. That could be some type of flower, but on the other hand could it be some form of Knotweed? It certainly reminds me of the noxious pest I have growing rampantly around the borders of my veg patch, this weed is especially gangly and healthy this time of the year… GGRR! One of my very favorite lines from Shakespeare is “I will root away the noisome weeds which without profit suck the soil’s fertility from wholesome flowers.”


    1. I have actually had this checked out by the top men in the UK and do you know what they said? Persicaria hydropiper. They called it Water Pepper but spot on. Thank you Elizabeth and you are not wrong 🙂 I only know Lady’s Thumb as Redshank, Persicaria maculosa but you know, common names get around.


  5. Where I live in New Zealand it is generally known as Willow Weed, although in parts of NZ’s South Island it is called Water Pepper or Walker’s Weed. Other names are redshank, persicaria, spotted persicaria, knot weed, smart weed and lady’s thumb. Latin: Polygonum persicaria. (Sorry to sound like a know-all!) And P.S. I love your blog!


      1. Aha! I don’t want to monopolise your blog, but my research bears out your experts! Polygonum persicaria is now called Persicaria maculosa, and is not to be confused with Persicaria hydropiper, which is very similar. The latter’s flowers are slightly greener and not so compact. I’ve been collecting weeds since 1954, and I love it when I discover I’ve been wrong! However, the common name in New Zealand for Persicaria maculosa still stands as Willow Weed!


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