19 thoughts on “The colours are coming”

    1. Thanks Tilly and I bet you are looking forward to it. I have a bowl of greengages beside me taken from the wild and today there were families out scooping blackberries before I could photograph them. I am still keeping a greedy eye on the hazelnuts but they are not ready yet. The end of Summer is a time of plenty and beautiful colours.


  1. Autumn is my favourite season. Have you ever read anything by W H Hudson. I think he’d appeal to you. A great observer of the countryside a century or so ago. I wish he had had a digital camera.


      1. Very old fashioned writer. I started with Hampshire Days when I lived in Hants. It is fascinating to imagine places as they were then with all the birds that were then common and have since disappeared or their distribution has shrunk dramatically due to habitat loss. He grew up in Patagonia. Worth trying and the books are available in second hand shops very cheaply. There may even be free downloads somewhere as he is long out of copyright.


    1. Thank you Justine 🙂 I will try and capture every colour for you. Right now the colours that are really tantalising me are the Sloes as they turn dusky blue on a thorny green background and also the small and pretty Hawthorn leaves, on some trees they are quite dark and glossy and set of the berries beautifully and the Honeysuckle berries. There are lots of colours coming up.


    1. Thanks Barb 🙂 August is not going quite as well as I had hoped. I woke up to blue skies this morning and rushed out because I knew they would be gone by ten o’clock and they were. This is why we enjoy the sunshine so much when we get it. I noticed my Swallows gathering on the wire this morning but I hope that they don’t go for weeks yet.


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