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Good Mud

I have been seeing some amazing posts from the US of the snowfall there. Here in the UK we will be lucky to get any snow this winter but we do get good mud.

This was going to be my “The Hunt For Red November” post and it was going to be an account of our search for Buddy and what we found whilst we were searching. However I now suspect that I have been duped and that the whole thing was a set up.

I have been leading the investigation into the abduction of the puppy and the first thing that I had to look at was who had the most to gain?

Butter wouldn't melt FizzThere was no ransom demand and for a while it seemed to me to be a motiveless crime.

In fact the only one who benefited from his imprisonment was Buddy’s best friend and companion Fizz. She got to spend most of Sunday and many hours of Monday helping me to search for him.

She also had the opportunity, if anybody was going to be with Buddy on that fateful Sunday morning it would have been his constant companion. She could easily have nudged the door shut after Buddy was inside.

She doesn’t have an alibi. It was Sunday morning, people were working in the yard and all of the gates were open, the dogs all had free run of the place.

Forensics didn’t turn up anything. Her paw prints were all over the scene but she always has access so you would expect that.

FizzUnfortunately my investigation has to end here. Buddy is not going to say anything. He spent the night in a warm barn and then got treble fussed over when he emerged and Fizz is just giving me Angel Face (How could I think such a thing?)

Could these two be conspirators? We will never know.

Partners in crimeOne thing that we do know is that Fizz had a lot of fun searching for Buddy and many extra hours of walks and Buddy is now out of intensive care and playing in the yard with his new toys. Plus the Humans have learned a valuable lesson that we must spend more time playing with the dogs and give them much more love and attention.

Here is Red November.

We targeted our search around the Beast’s lair at the end of Badger Alley. For the puppy to disappear without trace like that he would have to have been eaten by something quite big, that was my reasoning.


WoodlandI took this opportunity to revisit the Guelder Rose because following my recent post I had received a tip off to go and look at the seeds.

Guelder Rose BerriesWho would know that inside the berries were these beautiful little heart shaped jewels?

Guelder Rose seeds

Guelder Rose seedsI am told that when washed and allowed to dry they fade to a delightful pink. Many thanks to Mar’yana Svarnyk for that information.

Guelder Rose seedsOur next red was the Bramble.





BrambleThis sign was just like a red rag to a puppy.

SignWho made Sign the boss?


FizzWell, you know about Fizz and timber stacks.

In “other reds” there were some lovely Roses….

Dog Rose

Dog Rose

Dog Rose

Dog Roseand in the depths of the Beast’s lair Ivy was doing Β it’s bit for Red November.

Red IvyIt was too dark and wet to do the Ivy justice but I know where there is some very colourful Ivy growing on Aspens and we will look at that soon.

FizzOh and I forgot to tell you… Fizz got muddy πŸ™‚


Butterflies and Flowers (November)

There is only so much fun that you can have with a dog and a puddle.

I think that we all need to grow up a bit and be more serious.

You first πŸ™‚

Yesterday the rain was torrential. All of the lower fields are flooded. I was really surprised to wake up this morning to this sky.

November SkyI can live with that. Today Fizz and I are going after Butterflies but we also want to look at what is still in flower.

The Butterfly idea was doomed to success. Even before I stepped out of my front door I saw one.

A rubbish photo but I took it in case this was the only animal that I saw today. It is enough to prove that they are still about.

November Red AdmiralSo flowers first. Fizz is always in flower. Unfortunately all that water avoidance that she was doing resulted in her getting a thorn in her foot.

Thorny FizzLet the doctor have a look.

Fizz's FootGet out of the way and I’ll kiss it better for you.

Fizz's FootThere. I have saved your life again.

Saved Fizz

FizzOther flowers.

Most of them we were expecting.

Red Campion

Red CampionSilene dioica obviously. I put that on EW earlier, I haven’t created all the links yet but it is here Red Campion


Bramble blossomHogweed is still going strong.

HogweedThere were plenty of flowers still to open… This is an important nectar source at this time of year.

HogweedThere were plenty of seed heads too.

HogweedHerb Robert, it doesn’t seem to have a season.

Herb RobertThere are still a few Ivy flowers about but not many.

IvyThere is a lot of this next one, White Dead Nettle. The last of the dead nettles it won’t be very long before it’s little red cousin will be popping up to welcome Β the spring.

White Dead NettleWe pretty much expected to see those and that is a fair summary of all that I could find in flower in this location…. Except for this next one.

Field RoseA lovely Field Rose. This one is out of season but the bush didn’t know that and it had buds just about to burst into flower.

Field Rose

Field RoseSo I didn’t chase butterflies up and down the track because I have only just done the Red Admiral. I just wanted to record their presence. These are the only butterflies that I am still regularly finding.

Red Admiral

Red AdmiralI saw one Dragonfly but I only saw it as a silhouette against the sky as it moved down the track in front of me. It would have been a Migrant Hawker, I am pretty sure that is the only big one still on the wing in November but I couldn’t get close enough to properly confirm that, which was disappointing.

Back to being childish…

FizzOh dear Fizz. How did you get so wet?


BrambleThis morning my WordPress interface has changed. I have read about this happening to other people. So I have to test it out. I don’t like this layout but does it still work? I have a preview button but it doesn’t show me a preview it just tells me that I have saved a post.

So anyway Bramble, Rubus fruticosa. This is a good time to look at it because right now almost every stage of development is present on the bush. I love Bramble, it is one of my top plants. It provides year round cover and protection for all sorts of wildlife. Nectar, so many of my insect pictures are on Bramble and then fruit. This plant just keeps on giving.

Bramble Bramble Bramble Bramble Bramble Bramble BrambleThese picture were all taken in the last couple of days. Everything is on the bush at the moment, even rain. These last couple of pictures are from yesterday.

Bramble BrambleSo now I am going to press the publish button and then I may delete this post quite quickly. I really don’t like not having a preview.

The Search for Robin’s Pincushion

This is Robin’s Pincushion.

Robin's PincushionI haven’t seen one of these for years (This is a very old photo)

Well I saw one last night on Clare’s blog “A Suffolk Lane” and I thought to myself, “I haven’t seen one of those in ages.” So Today Fizz and I went to look for one.

They grow on roses and we have lots of wild roses in the hedgerows around the farm, I packed sandwiches and water and off we went.

FizzFizz ate all of the sandwiches almost as soon as we were out of the door so that left me free to poke around in the hedgerow and take photographs. Here are some of the things that we found.

We found miles and miles of cable running through the hedge and thought, “Hello, it looks like the Badgers have bought themselves a computer”. So we followed it.


HoneysuckleBut all there was on the end of it was some flowers.


HoneysuckleWe found lots of blue berries on the Blackthorn that weren’t really blue.


SloesThe blue dust rubbed off and they didn’t look very ripe yet.

SloesIn fact being green was beginning to feel like a theme. The Rose Hips that we had seen were still a long way off.

Rose HipsSo were the Hazelnuts.

HazelnutsElderberries were only just starting to colour up.


ElderberriesAnd the Hawthorn still has a way to go.

HawthornThe only thing that I could find to eat (Having lost my sandwiches to a card cheat earlier in the day) was the occasional Blackberry.

BlackberriesFinally we found the Rose we had been looking for.

Dog RoseThere right in the middle of the bush and just behind the friendly thorns was the sweetest little Pincushion ever.

Robin's PincushionRobin’s Pincushion is a Gall made by the wasp Diplolepis rosae. The wasp lays about sixty eggs in an unopened leaf bud of Wild Roses (Dog or Field Rose). A chemical reaction then causes this weird and wonderful distorted growth that becomes home to the wasp larvae.

Robin's Pincushion

Robin's PincushionI am really pleased that we found one today. πŸ™‚ I haven’t seen one of these in ages.