I know it’s got eight legs but..

It is pretty and it is very small.

FizzThis was the cutest animal that we could find today.




I keep reading that it has got no common name but the British Arachnological Society tell me that it is called the Lesser Garden Spider, Metellina segmenta unless it is Metellina mengei The two species look pretty much identical.

These two species are the most common and abundant garden orb web spider in the UK. So if you find a spider in your garden there is a good chance it will look like this.

If it doesn’t look like this then just put “Spider” in the search box at the top of this post and you will see all of the other spiders that we have had on this blog. (Don’t do this if you are afraid of spiders)


MetellinaThis is one of the prettiest spiders that I have found so far.


18 thoughts on “I know it’s got eight legs but..”

  1. For what it’s worth, I like that you take lots of pictures from different angles. As an artist I am not always interested in the perfect shot, but I love the pictures that show all the different profiles.


    1. Thanks Virginia πŸ™‚ For me the camera is just the best accessory for learning about nature. Nothing describes what I have seen quite so well as a photograph and it remembers the smallest detail that I might not even have thought to look at. Normally I don’t even bother trying to identify something if I have only got one picture, I will get it next time. I am after as many different angles as I can get, with as much detail as possible and that goes for plants and fungi too.


  2. I actually like spiders; I never claimed my bug thing was rational! Spiders, ladybugs, dragonflies: good. Everything else, not so much.


    1. Thanks Maia πŸ™‚ There is nothing irrational about our fears. I have just been talking to a friend in Australia and they have very dangerous animals out there. I just don’t quite get how we Brits who have no experience of such dangers also know to be afraid.


      1. Bill Bryson wrote a wonderful book about traveling in Australia. One of its recurring hilarious/horrifying themes is Australia Wants You Dead. Things aren’t just venomous there; they’re spectacularly, outrageously venomous.

        I lived in several parts of the U.S. where I shared space with venomous snakes, usually multiple species of them. In spite of that, I like snakes. The thoroughly harmless garter snake eats palmetto bugs, which makes it pretty much the most wonderful thing alive to my way of thinking. πŸ™‚


  3. Beautiful. Her name is Bella and she loves her life. Loves living among leaves and branches, flowers and plants. She’s content. Each day she thanks the Spider Goddess for making her a lovely spider, so that she can be happy and joyful every moment, spinning her webs and dancing on the gifts of nature.


  4. Spiders are much under rated. The last 2 photos are especially good. Getting different angles can be critical for ID but some may still defy species level ID. We have lots of jumping spiders here. Great fun.


  5. Thanks Andrew πŸ™‚ Yes there are a lot in the insect world that you can only get to species by chopping them up and putting them under a microscope which is a pointless exercise because you still won’t know what the next one is. Lesser Garden Spider will have to do.


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