The day I fell in love with Miss PIggy

Love Happens. It happens when you are not looking for it and it happens when you least expect it and so it was with Miss Piggy.

The Common Red Soldier Beetle, Rhagonycha fulva.

Common Red Soldier Beetle

Common Red Soldier BeetleThere is nothing unusual here. They are nice pictures of an interesting animal. That is just what I do.

It is the flower that they are on. It keeps cropping up in all of my pictures. Insects love it and although I hadn’t expected to say this… It is beautiful.

Common Red Soldier BeetleIt is Hogweed and it comes in shades of pink and white. It creates big saucers of flowers that just crawl with insects.

I have been taking it for granted, just kicking it around, it’s nothing special, it is always there.

Recently I have photographed the Variable Longhorn, Spotted Longhorn, Crab Spider, this thing and a host of other animals that I haven’t shown you, all on the same plant.

Common Red Soldier BeetleSo Miss Piggy it is then. My new love. Who would have thought it?

Common Red Soldier Beetle

Common Red Soldier BeetleAnd the bug? It was some sort of beetle thing……

My apologies to the Common Red Soldier Beetle for my little joke. It has already appeared in the post

There’s nothing you can do….

A much more raunchy piece 🙂

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