Meadowsweet is in flower

There is something important that you should know about Meadowsweet but it only applies to people with asthma. Apparently some people with asthma can have their symptoms triggered by Aspirin. If that is the case then you should avoid Meadowsweet.

Because Meadowsweet is Aspirin. The plant contains a natural painkiller called salicylic acid from which Aspirin was developed and so if you have to avoid Aspirin you should avoid Meadowsweet.

Most people don’t have to avoid Aspirin and many of us have had cause to be extremely grateful for it so it is not really a big issue….

Unless you have that asthmatic condition.

MeadowsweetTo most of us it is a wonder plant. Beautiful and useful in many ways so let’s do ID first.

Meadowsweet has very distinctive leaves.

MeadowsweetThe underside of the leaf is white and downy.

MeadowsweetThe flowers are like a puff of smoke.



MeadowsweetI think that you have got to stand back a bit to get the”Puff of smoke” effect and that’s why I like them.


As the name suggests they are very sweet scented and in the olden days when people were smelly, Meadowsweet was in great demand as what was called a “Strewing Herb”. The idea was that the plant was strewn about the floor where people gathered and it would help to mask the pong.

It also appeared at weddings being strewn in the church and also used for bridal garlands and another name for it is Bridewort.

You will read everywhere that the whole plant is edible but all that it is really used for is making herbal teas and things like that and for me edible means something that I can eat. Chewing the root is good for a hangover but then that brings us back to Aspirin which is also good for that purpose.

So that is Meadowsweet. It is with us for the summer until September now.


5 thoughts on “Meadowsweet is in flower”

    1. So do I, it is amazing πŸ™‚ Fellows take heed. Learn to recognise Meadowsweet and next time you are out walking, pick a small piece for your partner. She will say, “Oh Em Gee!” Promise πŸ™‚


  1. My first idea about blogging was to write about the herbs, their properties and use. Then I realised that I won’t get enough photographs in the area where I live now to create a dedicated blog. Thank you for the post! Nice to meet a person who knows the herbs:)


    1. Thank you for the nice comment πŸ™‚ Herbs and Wildflowers are a passion of mine (I have a few passions) I started a blog called “Easy Wildflowers” it is on the side bar somewhere, I have had to put it on hold whilst I try and get “Tramp” established but it is by no means dead. I don’t expect that one to be a popular blog but I want it to exist as a sort of reference and resource for “Tramp”. I love your blog by the way. Wonderful photographs πŸ™‚


      1. Thank you! I love your blog too:)
        This idea might be not so popular, yet, but in many European countries people enjoy herbal teas and use the remedies. I used to have a fantastic German book, with hundreds of recipes of different blends. A good chunk of Iceland moss is always sitting in my canteen in case I get bronchitis, and it works faster than any antibiotics. πŸ™‚


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