Good Mud

I have been seeing some amazing posts from the US of the snowfall there. Here in the UK we will be lucky to get any snow this winter but we do get good mud.

This was going to be my “The Hunt For Red November” post and it was going to be an account of our search for Buddy and what we found whilst we were searching. However I now suspect that I have been duped and that the whole thing was a set up.

I have been leading the investigation into the abduction of the puppy and the first thing that I had to look at was who had the most to gain?

Butter wouldn't melt FizzThere was no ransom demand and for a while it seemed to me to be a motiveless crime.

In fact the only one who benefited from his imprisonment was Buddy’s best friend and companion Fizz. She got to spend most of Sunday and many hours of Monday helping me to search for him.

She also had the opportunity, if anybody was going to be with Buddy on that fateful Sunday morning it would have been his constant companion. She could easily have nudged the door shut after Buddy was inside.

She doesn’t have an alibi. It was Sunday morning, people were working in the yard and all of the gates were open, the dogs all had free run of the place.

Forensics didn’t turn up anything. Her paw prints were all over the scene but she always has access so you would expect that.

FizzUnfortunately my investigation has to end here. Buddy is not going to say anything. He spent the night in a warm barn and then got treble fussed over when he emerged and Fizz is just giving me Angel Face (How could I think such a thing?)

Could these two be conspirators? We will never know.

Partners in crimeOne thing that we do know is that Fizz had a lot of fun searching for Buddy and many extra hours of walks and Buddy is now out of intensive care and playing in the yard with his new toys. Plus the Humans have learned a valuable lesson that we must spend more time playing with the dogs and give them much more love and attention.

Here is Red November.

We targeted our search around the Beast’s lair at the end of Badger Alley. For the puppy to disappear without trace like that he would have to have been eaten by something quite big, that was my reasoning.


WoodlandI took this opportunity to revisit the Guelder Rose because following my recent post I had received a tip off to go and look at the seeds.

Guelder Rose BerriesWho would know that inside the berries were these beautiful little heart shaped jewels?

Guelder Rose seeds

Guelder Rose seedsI am told that when washed and allowed to dry they fade to a delightful pink. Many thanks to Mar’yana Svarnyk for that information.

Guelder Rose seedsOur next red was the Bramble.





BrambleThis sign was just like a red rag to a puppy.

SignWho made Sign the boss?


FizzWell, you know about Fizz and timber stacks.

In “other reds” there were some lovely Roses….

Dog Rose

Dog Rose

Dog Rose

Dog Roseand in the depths of the Beast’s lair Ivy was doing Β it’s bit for Red November.

Red IvyIt was too dark and wet to do the Ivy justice but I know where there is some very colourful Ivy growing on Aspens and we will look at that soon.

FizzOh and I forgot to tell you… Fizz got muddy πŸ™‚


40 thoughts on “Good Mud”

  1. I am so happy that you found Buddy!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Yaaay! πŸ™‚ The photos are amazing!! πŸ™‚ But you know how much I love Fizz, so that last photo of her is my absolute favorite!!! πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ πŸ™‚ Thank you for giving me the latest Fizz news! πŸ™‚ Give her my love! πŸ™‚


  2. I don’t know how anybody could look at Fizz’s face and suspect her of any wrong-doing. Obviously she’s innocent, even if you saw her do it, lol! And she’s even cuter when she’s muddy, and we can see how much she enjoyed your walks. Your reds are beautiful.


  3. I do not believe that Fizz would connive with Buddy to play a prank on anyone. See how innocent and adorable she is, mud and all? : )
    The berries are a true red and beautiful to see in your photos.


  4. First off, Fizz has got to be the most charming dog I have ever seen. Second, you need to write a book. Seriously! The story you told of Buddy and Fizz was so darn cute. Love it, Colin! You’ve got what it takes to hold your audience captive. Thanks for coming on the scene. You are a joy! Happy Trails!!


  5. I am glad the humans got the message about playing with their dogs more. Nothing sadder than a bored dog. Guelder Rose is one of my favourite shrubs as it is beautiful all the year round. Loved all the November reds.


  6. I may be the only one but that little black and white canine has such an innocent face ‘methinks she doth protest too much’ . If you love the dog don’t let me on the jury.


    1. Thank you John πŸ™‚ You are right of course but she is so believable. Now it is probably a bit late in the day for me to embark on a life of crime but what a good companion she would make in such a career.


  7. As much as I don’t like mud, I don’t like snow even more. Thanks for taking us on this walk in the woods. It was a nice distraction from the cold … and I love nature’s reds. You captured them beautifully πŸ™‚


  8. A great first visit to your site. I enjoyed the red hunt almost as much as your muddy little sidekick, who I’m pretty sure is innocent of any nefarious doings, although i would be more certain if I could look her in the eye (she does have eyes right?). anyway, now that I’m following you, I’ll have to check back in and keep abreast of things as best I can. By the way, thanks for the visit.


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