Rosa’s Chicklet

This is just a brief update on Rosa.

I haven’t been watching her closely. I can hear her singing away outside of my window so I have known that everything was okay with her new brood I thought that I would give them a few days to grow.

This morning I put the camera out to watch them and I got a bit of a surprise. There is only one.

That is very good news. Less work for Rosa and the chick will get more food and stand a better chance.

I still don’t think that the chick has much hope. It won’t be fledged until a week into September and the birds usually leave in September. We could do with a heat wave to keep them here for a couple of extra weeks but it is freezing cold today.

I woke up this morning and put a T shirt on because it is August and pretty soon I had to put a shirt over that and now I have got  a body warmer over that Brrrr. Maybe I am coming down with something.

Good news though and it is a cute one. 🙂

11 thoughts on “Rosa’s Chicklet”

  1. aw, that is so cute; I love the way one of the adults picks up the feather and tucks it back in around the baby, like a blanket 🙂


  2. It is unseasonably cold everywhere. I am sitting typing this wearing a T-shirt (because it’s August), a pullover and a fleece jacket and I’m still cold. A frost is forecast for tonight. I wish that little bird all the luck in the world.


  3. Thanks for the Rosa updates…it’s as close as I get to a soap opera. We’ve been bundling up as well here, but this new week promises some good ol’ fashioned dog days of summer!


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