Pretty Little Things (3 of 3)

Lord Tusk, Beloved of the Faeries.

Photography tip of the week: Love your subject (get loved back)

Clouded YellowWell look at this, an invisible butterfly.

Well nearly. I don’t really see many invisible things and I almost missed this one.

What are you doing hiding in the long grass?

Clouded YellowYou know who I am, I’ve been looking for you because you are beautiful. Don’t be afraid of me and then I won’t be afraid of you, that’s how it works. You can call me Col.

Clouded YellowThank you for trusting me. I would like to put you on a Thistle and take your picture, you are much too lovely to be invisible.

Clouded YellowI will give you Six Dee if you will open your wings for me. That is about two and a half new pence and a little silver coin that we used to call a tanner. It is not a lot of money but it is beautiful.

Clouded YellowThat was a fail. She told me that she was not that sort of butterfly and she wouldn’t open her wings for Lord Tusk himself.

I might have trouble getting these shots because even the very friendly ones seem very determined to keep their secrets to themselves. I have to find a loose butterfly.

Nah, nah, I respect her for her decision. I just want to see and photograph it because I am a naturalist.

Clouded YellowObviously I love you very much.

Clouded YellowNow about that Thistle shot, I hope that I didn’t embarrass you asking about that other thing. It is just something that I am really trying hard to get but not this time, maybe when you know me better?


Clouded Yellow

Clouded YellowWell this was a butterfly that plainly knew her own mind . She gave me this picture and I am quite pleased with it. I would have liked to have done the other deal as well but so it goes.

Clouded YellowNext time.

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