Ha Ha HA! You look like a sheep!

FizzOkay, yes Let’s compare haircuts…

HaircutYes well let’s talk about something else then.

FizzThere was not much Woodpecker action in the garden today and I am afraid that I have lost them. The female was here a few times but not all the time like she was before. I am pretty sure she was coming for food for the nestlings and now they are feeding themselves. They will probably disappear into the woods and be Woodpeckers now. I am still hoping for some decent shots of the juveniles before they go.

There were plenty of other birds in the garden including quite a few new Great Tits (yellow cheeks again)

Juvenile Great Tit

Juvenile Great TitCome on then, let’s compare cheeks….

Yellow Cheeks..and there is a clear winner

Juvenile Blue Tit

Juvenile Blue Tit

Juvenile Blue TitThere was another new visitor to the garden today and this visit probably had something to do with Fizz being absent at the hairdressers.

This is a Squirrel fledgling, it’s a young one that has just left the nest.

Squirrel Fledgling

Squirrel Fledgling

Squirrel FledglingNormally problems arise when a Squirrel finds a peanut feeder but I think Fizz can handle this one. She will chase it but she will never get anywhere near it. She is a farm dog, she is not allowed in the house, sleeps in the back porch and spends most of her time in the garden. (Even though she is only just a toy dog)

Speaking of toys. earlier today I accidentally miss-threw her ball into a hedge and being so useless she was unable to retrieve it. I had to walk all the way to the nearest village to buy her a new one and when I got there they didn’t have any balls so now she has got one of these…

Toy Dog ToyAs toys go this is a fail.

She loves it but if she gets hold of it the walk is over. All she wants to do is beat it up, “This is what I’ll do to the Squirrel when I catch him.”

Toy Dog ToyShe will never catch a Squirrel (her legs are too little)

Give me my toy back!

Toy Dog Toy

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