My Juvenile Obsession

I am sorry about the quality of these pictures, they were taken around 5:30 this morning and the light was pretty poor.

Juvenile Woodpecker

Juvenile Woodpecker

Juvenile Woodpecker

Juvenile WoodpeckerSo at 5:30 this morning Mum brought two juveniles to the feeder. By six o’clock I had my coffee and the camera was set up to catch the action on video….

They didn’t come back and I gave up at nine this evening.

This video is the best that I got today. It is just the female but from the way she is taking food away I think that she must have had a young one nearby.

I ended up watching the lambs in the orchard.

A fruitless day but she is going to bring her young to the feeder and when she does I am going to photograph and film it and then I will be able to get on with other stuff.

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