The most beautiful song.

The Blackbird is my number one song bird and so now I am going to do a little post  about blackbirds with a few pictures.

BlackbirdThe dawn chorus just wouldn’t be the same without his rich melody.

My little granary flat is not very well soundproofed and that is actually good. There are no noisy neighbours to worry about. I like to sleep with the curtains open so that the dawn light wakes me and birdsong is my radio. It feels natural.



BlackbirdBlackbirds are an important part of our garden community. They don’t really use the bird feeders but they share the meal worms I scatter on the grass with Robins and Dunnocks and just recently a Song Thrush.. (They will all have their own posts).

BlackbirdI like blackbirds, they have character.

BlackbirdHa Ha! It’s not just raining on you mate.


BlackbirdThere are female Blackbirds too but just now I can’t find pictures that really bring out their beauty and I don’t want to make them look dowdy. I shall work on that one and give them their own post.

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