The best photograph that I ever took.

Are you ready for this?

I took this photograph about ten years ago. I am no longer sure of the exact date. I have long since lost the original. This was my first camera (you always remember your first time). It was a Panasonic FZ50 bridge camera. It was considered a good little camera in it’s day.

I know that since then I may have taken more technical pictures and certainly cameras have come a long way but there is something special to me about this one.

Everybody needs a little bit of success, something to make them believe in themselves and keep on going. I believe that I am loved by nature and that I love it back.

This was my first time.

But wait!…. Okay you can look but then wait.

Common LizardThere is a story behind the picture.

I wasn’t trying to photograph a Common Lizard, I was chasing a butterfly, a White Admiral.

White Admiral

White Admiral

White AdmiralIt was leading me a merry dance all around the bramble and then it did something beautiful….

It settled.

White AdmiralThere beside it, basking on a bramble leaf with an incredible lightness of being was a perfectly formed reptile.

I have always thought of this as a gift, meaning a present that I was given and not meaning a talent. Now I get given a lot of gifts but you always remember your first time and I still think it is a pretty good picture.

Everyone should have a little encouragement.

Wanna see it again?

Common LizardI really like this picture, it helped start my interest in life and it has led me to much joy.


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