Female Common Blue Butterfly

After yesterday’s post about the male of the species Emily asked how  you tell the sexes apart and as it happens I did photograph a female yesterday as well as the male and it is raining today so here we go.

This was our male Butterfly.

Male Common BlueThis was the female taken at the same time as the picture above.

Female Common Blue

Female Common Blue


Female Common Blue

Female Common Blue

Female Common Blue

The amount of brown on the upper side of the wing can vary quite a lot but I think that this colour is pretty typical this next picture is another female taken several years ago. It is about the same colour.

Female Common BlueThis last picture is the very same species, female Common Blue Butterfly taken just less than two weeks ago. This one was exceptionally blue and perfect, I don’t see many like this.

Female Common BlueAnyway since I started following Emily’s blog (where you can learn a lot about Bee keeping) I have revised my plan to keep Bees in my kitchen cupboard when the Butterflies go  and I am now considering Spiders 🙂

4 thoughts on “Female Common Blue Butterfly”

  1. Great pictures and thanks for the lesson! I learn something new everyday, today’s lesson told me that male and female butterflies can look very different. Sweet!


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