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Coltsfoot. The bush that never flowers?

Coltsfoot, Tussilago farfara (Points for a pretty name) When I first saw it in March, it was nothing but flowers.

Coltsfoot flowerI mean that it didn’t have any leaves.

Coltsfoot flowerColtsfoot is an unusual plant because the flowers appear long before the leaves.

Coltsfoot stem Coltsfoot stem Coltsfoot stemIt is a sun loving flower. No sun, no flowers.

Coltsfoot closed flowersSun comes out…

Coltsfoot flowerThat is Tussilago farfara the flower.

Coltsfoot FlowerNow it is time for the flower to set seed, wither and die.

Coltsfoot seed headGo on then, wither and die.

Coltsfoot seed head Coltsfoot seed head Coltsfoot seed head Coltsfoot seed headNow the leaves appear.

Coltsfoot LeafThese leaves will grow and age and then in turn they will wither and die without apparently ever producing a flower. Of course there was a flower, Coltsfoot just has a funny way of doing things.

Yesterday Fizz and I went out with the aim of photographing the Coltsfoot foliage. I was a bit disappointed, I was hoping the plants would be bigger but this is Coltsfoot today. (Yesterday)

Coltsfoot Leaf Coltsfoot Leaf Coltsfoot Leaf Coltsfoot LeafThat is another one of natures mysteries explained, only a few more to go …..

A Photogenic Flower

I find some flowers really hard to photograph, they just don’t lend themselves to the camera.Snowdrop would be an example of such a flower. When the snowdrops were out I had as much opportunity as I wanted but I never did manage to get really good pictures.

This one just throws itself at the camera.

21So let’s just clear up any confusion. This is a Barren Strawberry (Potentilla sterilis). It looks a bit like a Wild Strawberry but the differences are quite obvious really.

For identification in the field just look at the centre of the flower. the Wild Strawberry has a yellow dome in the centre.

This is a Wild Strawberry.

21.1It’s pretty but it’s not as easy as Potentilla sterilis.

22I like it when a flower is nice to me.

The Barren Strawberry isn’t a real strawberry ¬†and it doesn’t produce strawberry fruits (now they make a nice picture) but in the spring time it does make a very pretty picture.






27They are still in flower for a bit longer, the flowering season is given as February to May, so look out for them.