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Butterflies and Flowers (November)

There is only so much fun that you can have with a dog and a puddle.

I think that we all need to grow up a bit and be more serious.

You first 🙂

Yesterday the rain was torrential. All of the lower fields are flooded. I was really surprised to wake up this morning to this sky.

November SkyI can live with that. Today Fizz and I are going after Butterflies but we also want to look at what is still in flower.

The Butterfly idea was doomed to success. Even before I stepped out of my front door I saw one.

A rubbish photo but I took it in case this was the only animal that I saw today. It is enough to prove that they are still about.

November Red AdmiralSo flowers first. Fizz is always in flower. Unfortunately all that water avoidance that she was doing resulted in her getting a thorn in her foot.

Thorny FizzLet the doctor have a look.

Fizz's FootGet out of the way and I’ll kiss it better for you.

Fizz's FootThere. I have saved your life again.

Saved Fizz

FizzOther flowers.

Most of them we were expecting.

Red Campion

Red CampionSilene dioica obviously. I put that on EW earlier, I haven’t created all the links yet but it is here Red Campion


Bramble blossomHogweed is still going strong.

HogweedThere were plenty of flowers still to open… This is an important nectar source at this time of year.

HogweedThere were plenty of seed heads too.

HogweedHerb Robert, it doesn’t seem to have a season.

Herb RobertThere are still a few Ivy flowers about but not many.

IvyThere is a lot of this next one, White Dead Nettle. The last of the dead nettles it won’t be very long before it’s little red cousin will be popping up to welcome  the spring.

White Dead NettleWe pretty much expected to see those and that is a fair summary of all that I could find in flower in this location…. Except for this next one.

Field RoseA lovely Field Rose. This one is out of season but the bush didn’t know that and it had buds just about to burst into flower.

Field Rose

Field RoseSo I didn’t chase butterflies up and down the track because I have only just done the Red Admiral. I just wanted to record their presence. These are the only butterflies that I am still regularly finding.

Red Admiral

Red AdmiralI saw one Dragonfly but I only saw it as a silhouette against the sky as it moved down the track in front of me. It would have been a Migrant Hawker, I am pretty sure that is the only big one still on the wing in November but I couldn’t get close enough to properly confirm that, which was disappointing.

Back to being childish…

FizzOh dear Fizz. How did you get so wet?

What a Mistake-a to Make-a

It was a lovely sunny day today and Fizz and I went out for a walk. I can’t tell you where, that might compromise my Badger’s safety, we just went somewhere nice but a bit narrow.

Somewhere we could be close to nature.

Hello little Weevil.

Green Nettle Weevil

Good morning little Shieldbug.

Dock Bug

Hello Misumena vatia.
Crab Spider
Oh it was nice out.

I had bought Fizz a new toy. It is to help her to concentrate and keep out of my way when I  am taking pictures. She likes it.


Look Sticky Willy is in flower.

CleaversI love Sticky Willy. (Cleavers, Goosegrass or Galium aparine)

Fizz FizzHa Ha! That’s so funny!


Red Campion was borrowing the nettles foliage to set itself off, a lovely colour.Red CampionCreeping Buttercup was forming flower beds in the hedgerow.

Creeping Buttercup The Cow Parsley is just magnificent, it has a presence like the Bluebells in the wood or the Dandelions in the meadow. Cow Parsley definitely deserves a post of it’s own.Cow ParsleySo there we were having a lovely day out when I heard a cyclist coming up behind us, nothing especially odd about that. There is not much room so I just took hold of Fizz while he passed.

Cow ParsleyJust behind him was another cyclist.

The Tour de Bloomin' FranceThen another and another.

The Tour de Bloomin' France The Tour de Bloomin' FranceSomeone had routed the Tour de Bloomin’ France up our back passage.

I kid you not. One of the fellas had number 892 on his chest and I believed him. We couldn’t move for an hour.

The Tour de Bloomin' FranceWe just had to stand by the side and say “Hi, Hello, Lovely Day” Over and over again to an increasingly tired looking peloton.

They had made their way up a very long and narrow and very muddy track. It was hard going and the sun was blazing.

The Tour de Bloomin' FranceEven when the main body had passed there was a constant stream of stragglers and we couldn’t get back the way we had come.

I had a good idea.

“Come on Fizz let’s go through that field of friendly looking cows.”

Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide Rawhide“FIZZ! THESE COWS HAVE GOT NO UDDERS!”


Red Campion, Boys and Girls.

Red Campion, to a lot of people it is a persistent weed. All of my flowers are weeds, I don’t really do gardens.

Silene dioica is a beautiful wildflower, it is probably at it’s best right now but you can find it in flower pretty much all year round. There isn’t very much else in flower in January.

Picture taken on January 9th.

Red Campion  FlowerIn fact I could find this one at any time throughout the winter, that alone is good enough reason to love it but it also has mysteries. and plants with mysteries always catch my eye.

Silene dioica, the first part of the name is derived from Silenus a figure from Greek mythology whom I find variously described as the god of woodland or the god of drunkenness. I have never seen this flower drunk. The second part dioica is derived from the term dioecious, which this plant is. It means that the plant has male and female forms. That is the bit that interests me.

Dioecious- Pistillate and staminate flowers on different plants.

Boys first. (Because they are the less interesting)

Red Campion Staminate

This is the staminate form of the flower, the male. It has stamens and produces pollen.

Red Campion StaminateRed Campion StaminateNext we have the female flowers.

Red Campion FemaleThese flowers don’t have stamens, they have five stigmas that collect pollen and a single ovary.

Red Campion Female Red Campion FemaleThose stigmas go right down to the base of the flower and now the sepals wrap around them in a structure called a calyx, this is where the fruit will develop.

Red Campion calyxAs the fruit develops the petals fall off and the seed pod swells.

Last night Fizz and I also went out to get pictures of the calyx of Silene dioica.

Red Campion calyx Red Campion calyx Red Campion calyx Red Campion calyxSo that is all that I have got to say about Red Campion. If you are out and about today you will almost certainly see it in flower. Do enjoy it.

Red Campion