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Pica pica

The next morning.

I don’t put much bait out and what I do put out I scatter widely. During the night I get videos of the animals searching for that one little peanut or raisin that might have escaped previous searches and I feel a bit sorry for them. They are obviously still hungry.

There are a couple of reasons for my baiting technique. I don’t particularly want video of animals eating nuts, I have got thousands of them and I stand more chance of getting some other behaviour after the food has gone and the other reason is.. I don’t want them to get lazy and rely on my food, in a week ¬†or two I may go and start filming at another sett, I won’t always be feeding them.

I am really surprised that the Fox (great slayer of chickens) doesn’t make a play for the Magpies but I have watched this scene over and over again over years and Magpies don’t seem to have any fear of Foxes.