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Mystery Bird

I woke up this morning and there was a new bird on the feeder, one I haven’t seen before. It looked hungry.

“Where’s my worms?”

Robin Fledgling

Robin FledglingWe know what it is really, don’t we Darling?

RobinWe should do, it has cost enough money buying meal worms for mum and dad.

Unfortunately the light isn’t good enough this morning for photography purposes but it is good enough to show you what’s going on.

LightBirds are what’s going on, hundreds of them while I wait for another chance at the Robin.

Blue Tit Fledgling

Blue Tit Fledgeling

This one won’t bring her babies. Female Great Spotted Woodppecker

Female Great Spotted Woodppecker

Female Great Spotted Woodppecker

There he is! Quick , focus!Robin FledglingDamn, there is just not enough light. It’s a Robin but it is not a sharp one.

Oh look a fledged Chaffinch.

Chaffinch Fledgling

Chaffinch FledglingIt is all happening and the sky is just getting darker and darker.

Does anybody know what a Goldfinch fledgling looks like? We ought to have them here.



Female House SparrowWho ate all the worms?

BlackbirdYes actually, you are annoying me a bit. Do you have to gather every single one?

BlackbirdFizz! Fetch me my Blackbird gun. What do you mean, we’ve run out of bullets?

I am going to take Fizz to the fields and play ball with her for an hour or two. When I get back it would be nice if the sunshine and the birds would play ball with me.

You are not annoying me, you take what you need.

House SparrowsI like the little brown ones.

Robin Fledgling