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There is an unused field behind the farm that is poorly drained and quite marshy. I thought that it would be a good place to survey for reptiles.

1So I have got the permission from the field’s owner and I have borrowed some corrugated iron from my landlord and off we go.

2First I had a good look around the field trying to decide the best place to put my tins. I don’t really know what I am doing, I just think that it’s worth a try. I didn’t find any reptiles today but it was a miserable overcast morning and it would be very difficult to find anything in the long grass.

I found lots of food.

3 4 5 6 7I also found a spectacular Marsh Thistle, it is not every day you find one of those.

Marsh Thistle Marsh Thistle Marsh Thistle Marsh ThistleI hauled my first sheet of iron up from the farm. (surprisingly awkward to carry)

8Then I walked all around the field again trying to guess where a good spot would be.


17 18 19Then I decided to just slap it down anywhere. I chose a fairly damp spot close to the stream that would get the morning sun.

10 11Will it work? I don’t know. My landlord tells me that he used to see Adders here but that he hasn’t seen any for a long time and lots of what he calls Blind Worms, he described them to me as little snakes and I think he is talking about what I know as a Slow worm.

So now I have more tin to go and get.

12And that is the start of my Reptile Survey Project.