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I have only really spread this over two posts so that I could get two header pics of Fizz in. She seems to me to embody the lazy, playing games in the wet grass, childlike days of summer.

I might just do a post about her. She is a trained nature detective dog and a great help to me in my search for Moles.

Meanwhile the days just stretch on….

(The video is not playing backwards,  the Badger is going backwards, collecting bedding)

Peace and Love

I post a lot about the little conflicts that occur between the animals up at the sett. Most of the time it is not like that and summer evenings stretch on forever…

I suppose you think that was a moth, well it could have been. It is hard to tell moths from faeries in the glare of the light 🙂


This little Badger obviously isn’t happy when a second Fox shows up.

The Badger in question isn’t Timid, that is Brave and Brave doesn’t like Foxes…

The Badger won the day.

A couple of nights earlier Laser actually turned up with two other Foxes, so I am guessing that he has a mate and cubs somewhere quite nearby.

Black and White in Colour

Do you remember when they invented colour television? How great that was? There used to be little buttons on the back of the set so that you could adjust the colour balance, what fun we had making everyone’s faces red or watching in Blue and White instead of Black and White but full colour was magic.

I once bought a trail camera with flash rather than infra red specifically so that I could get colour photographs at night  of a black and white animal….

Badger Aggression

I know that we have been doing a lot of Badger stuff but you see…

Fluffy Bunnies are all right, in fact I won’t have a word said against them, but we also have to work on advancing our understanding of the natural world.

That is why we are filming the semi-natural behaviour of our Badgers.

This next video hasn’t got many animals in it but I have not seen this sort of behaviour before and so I thought that I should post it.

Badger chases Fox but he is not just running at the Fox to see him off he is chasing him with the intention of catching him. The chase starts right at the beginning of the clip and the animals go out of shot. They come back into shot twice as the Badger pursues the Fox around the field. He really doesn’t like this Fox. Does he want to punish him or eat him? This is strange behaviour.

I watched the remaining clips on the memory card with some nervous excitement whenever the two animals were in the frame together. I have a feeling it is all going to kick off between those two and I do not really understand why. Nothing else did happen that night. The camera was out there again last night and I am really interested to see what happens next.

Foxy has been getting himself into trouble in other ways too. I might post about that in a bit.

Patch the Boss?

Okay one last Badger video for now but I should warn you that the camera is still out there and I will have to take “Poochy” out in the rain to collect it soon.

This video is interesting because…. The animal collecting the hay bumps into Patch, he has a little snap at her and she quickly scent marks him, maybe to remind him that they are on the same side.

His attitude and her quick response make me think that in this case he is the dominant animal. (Well obviously, she is the one making the bed). That doesn’t make him the alpha male though. Patch has two companions, I can’t tell them apart but I call them Timid and Brave. When a car passes Timid runs for cover but Brave doesn’t even look up from his foraging. That could have been Timid making the bed.

The scent marking is an important aspect of Badger life. Badgers have a scent gland at the base of their tail which they use to mark each other. Each Badger in a social group will mark every other Badger in that group, this creates a unique clan scent and if you don’t have that scent you will be chased off and even attacked. When animal rescuers have to take a Badger from the field to treat it they know that they must get it back before that clan scent wears off or the Badger will not be accepted back.

(I don’t know the sex of any of these animals, I just called them him and her to make the story easier to tell)