Hello Snow Piercer

It did snow last night. Not a lot but just enough to give the Dog cold cheeks.

FizzThis is just a little post, I just need to say what I said in the title.

SnowdropsMy pictures are not very good but I will get better tomorrow. I have to post these today because today is when I saw them. (My first pictures last year were on January 28th)

I really struggled to get good pictures of this flower last year, I think that they are just an awkward colour. Now I can have a second try. Starting with, I want to catch them just as they are emerging from the ground. A job for tomorrow.




SnowdropsWell, that is it Winter. You might as well pack your bags and clear off, the flowers are coming 🙂

They fill my heart with joy.

58 thoughts on “Hello Snow Piercer”

  1. Wonderful photos – spring is coming, hurrah. Saw first tiny shoots of wild garlic today too! Really tiny though, will wait couple of days to take photo.


  2. Those are my flower! 😀 They usually bloom right around my birthday — I’m happy to see them come so soon! But I’m sure we’ll get another hit of winter weather before it’s gone for good.


  3. Thank you for that promise that spring is truly on its way, and that means summer can’t be too far behind. It will of course be a little longer here in North America, but those first flowers of yours are a welcome site here also.


  4. I was looking at the snowdrops emerging in my garden today too. We also had a short shower of snow this morning – the first since March 2013. The birds are starting to sing, Alexanders is growing in the hedgerows and the hazel catkins are getting longer. May the flowers continue to give you joy in your heart.

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    1. Thank you Clare 🙂 I am especially enjoying the Great Tit’s little “Teacher, teacher” song, that always makes me think of spring. I am not hearing the Blackbirds yet, there are plenty of them around here but they are quite quiet.

      I have never seen Alexanders here, we are either too far inland or just too high up. Technically if you look at the maps it should be around here but I haven’t seen any.

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