Getting Our Feet Wet

There is Fizz, waiting under my window, keeping an eye on me.

Fizz“I will be a little while, I am just running a bath.”

In retrospect I have to ask myself, “Why bathe before you go out with Fizz? It’s not like she’s fussy and you know what is going to happen, don’t you?”

It is a lovely day and I am stepping out with lovely clean feet.
Badger AlleyAfter the snow we had a storm. Yesterday was just horrible with strong wind and icy rain. Today it is a beautiful day to be alive. Blue and still.

Badger AlleyWe are going up Badger Alley to look for signs of the early Coltsfoot flowers. Primroses grow up here too, I have seen a couple of Primroses in flower in gardens but none in the wild yet.

Following the storm, parts of the track were very wet and this “Selfie” is actually the precise moment when I realised that something had gone badly wrong.

SelfieWhat’s up Doc?

FizzIt’s only that my perishing boots have perished!

For the rest of the day I will be sloshing about in a boot full of muddy water.

Perishing BootsIt’s a good job that we don’t mind getting our feet wet.

FizzIt’s too deep. We’ll have to turn back.

FizzWait! You can’t leave me here.


FizzShe is like a Cat when it comes to water. She loves mud but she does not swim.

FizzWell the path dried a bit and she had her fun.



FizzThis is where we are heading. As the track turns to a gravel road this is where we find the Coltsfoot.

Badger AlleyBut not today. Not on January the 16th, it is too early. There was no sign of Primrose, not even rosettes and no Coltsfoot.

Nice woods though.


WoodsWe will just have to slosh our way home again.

I need a carry!


FizzBad, bad man!


FizzYou are so lucky that I was here. You would have lost that ball.

FizzWell that was about all of our fun for today. It didn’t add up to much but it is January still.

FizzThe Sheep are all safe and happy at the bottom of the garden. I have been given my own little haystack and instructions to feed them half a bale a day until the farmer returns. That shouldn’t be too difficult πŸ™‚

SheepAll that remains to do is to show you today’s wildflower. It is Sticky Mouse Ear.

Cerastium glomeratum, The Sticky Mouse Ear

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)Sticky Mouse Ear flowers from April to September in fields and meadows. It is often found on farmland.

It is very similar to the closely related Common Mouse Ear,Β Cerastium fontanum so here are a few differences to look out for.

Sticky Mouse Ear is also known as Clustered Mouse Ear, The flowers Β are clustered together in a tight flower head. Common Mouse Ear flowers are more spread out.

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)The green sepals of Sticky Mouse Ear are sometimes tipped with red. The entire plant is covered with fine hairs and at the tip of each hair is a small gland that secretes a sticky substance that gives the whole plant a slightly sticky feel.

Characteristically the hairs on the sepals extend beyond the tips of the sepals, with Common Mouse Ear they don’t.

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)The flower of Sticky Mouse Ear has five sepals and five, notched, white petals. It has ten stamens and five styles. It is quite a small flower, each petal being about 4mm long.

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)The leaves are oval, 10 -20 mm long and grow in opposite pairs. They are hairy on both sides.

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)Β Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)Β  Β Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)Β  Β Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)The plant can reach about 45 cm (18 inches) in height.

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)The seeds are contained in a papery fruit capsule that is about 10mm long.

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)As the fruit ripens the end opens to release the seeds. The opening terminates in ten small teeth.

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)Sticky Mouse Ear is a member of the Pink or Carnation family, a family that also includes the Campions. I can see several similarities between this and the hairy Red Campion. It is native to the UK and Europe but it is present on most continents as an introduced species.

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)Taxonomy:

Kingdom: Plantae

Order:Β Caryophyllales

Family:Β Caryophyllaceae

Genus:Β Cerastium

Species:Β CerastiumΒ glomeratum

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)

Sticky Mouse Ear (Cerastium glomeratum)Wildflowers in winter.

42 thoughts on “Getting Our Feet Wet”

  1. Delightful if somewhat wet walk~ the sunshine makes it all look gorgeous. Time to get some new wellies though! Thank you for another lovely walk.


    1. Thank you Becky πŸ™‚ No. It is not really about the ball, it is about playing with me, when we are playing she has my attention and she likes attention. She didn’t know what to do with a ball when I first met her, she quickly learned that they are for controlling Humans πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  2. A little damp, but otherwise beautiful and like always, a very interesting and informative walk. The close-ups of the flower are beautiful in their detail, and I thought the expressions on Fizz’s face when he was contemplating the water were the most beautiful of all. Thanks for a wonderful stroll.


    1. Thank you Dennis πŸ™‚ Yes, it is always a bit annoying to be standing in deep water and to feel your boots filling up. Now I have got to wash my kitchen floor which is covered in muddy sock prints πŸ™‚

      Liked by 1 person

  3. Okay, Sticky Mouse Ear? Really. Who makes up these names???? Beautiful flower but mouse ear?? Uh, NO. LOLOL It looks as if you two had lost of fun. πŸ™‚ Great pictures, as always. πŸ™‚ Thank you.


    1. Thank you John πŸ™‚ I have been out to feed them this morning and the sweet smell of the hay is lingering on my hands and clothes. Feeding Sheep is not an unpleasant task.


  4. Looks like a beautiful day – a treat after the storms. I’m wondering why Fizz won’t swim? Just never exposed to it? Maybe it goes back to the respiratory handicap? I think she is adorable, regardless!


    1. Thank you Eliza πŸ™‚ There are ponds on the farm so she has plenty of opportunity. I don’t know, I have never known a Dog that didn’t like water. I am guessing that she has just never been encouraged, ie. never been taught to swim.


      1. Yes, I thought all dogs jumped right in – maybe this summer you’ll give her ‘swimming lessons’! I think she’ll master the ‘dog paddle’ in no time! πŸ˜‰


  5. I think Fizz owes you a new pair of Hunters, Colin. Or perhaps it is she who needs them. I don’t think Lulu is keen to sample the mud baths. Fizz is definitely a Top Dog.


    1. Thank you Andrew πŸ™‚ I can’t imagine Lulu returning home from a walk down an English country lane. You are going to need a warm spa bath built in your boot room with a hair dryer and an array of brushes. Does Lulu have a manservant? She is going to need one πŸ™‚


  6. thanks for allowing me take a walk with you and your sweet pup. I so enjoy your adventures. I do not believe Sticky Mouse ear lives here, but if it is all that common, you made it look very unique in your pictures.

    Liked by 1 person

  7. Colin, I am so glad you are doing these posts about wild flowers here and on your other blog. Your descriptions and photographs are absolutely marvellous and I will be using them very regularly when I have plants that needs identifying. Thank-you.

    Liked by 1 person

  8. The Unsinkable Molly Fizz! She has a fine grasp of the situation. I once had a cairn terrier that did not like water either, except to drink. But they were bred for hunting in rocks and crevices not for swimming πŸ™‚ Bad luck regarding your leaks, hope you get rebooted quickly to continue your treks. Love the mouse ears. They are music to my eyes ❀

    Liked by 1 person

  9. Hello Colin…I believe I AM back …I hope so. I saw Sticky mouse ear, water, water everywhere and Fizz in the mud. This is from the link Nancy sent me. Hope your posts come thru now. Will let you know. I am a happy camper if they do.

    Liked by 1 person

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