38 thoughts on “A Quiet Moment”

  1. I can’t get over how chubby and round their bodies are. Not like most birds I see in my garden. Lovely little birds. And Fizz is just too cute. I show family members her antics and now she has an Australian fan base. 🙂


  2. I can’t get over how different your world is to my world. It isn’t just the fact that this is a different country. Your world is moist and fecund and free flowing. Mine is harsh and dry and struggling. I am so glad we get to see the differences.

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    1. Thanks John 🙂 I know. I visit blogs from all over the world and in real time and they are all so different. I saw my Swallows arriving in South Africa just a few days ago. England is a green and pleasant land but most of the people who live here don’t notice that and I am seeing some extraordinary beauty in Australia too, it is just different.


    1. Thanks Barbara 🙂 Dapper? Are we talking about the same dog? Since Fizz started to get famous people keep posting us pictures of their dogs and they are all so clean and perfect, never a hair out of place. Fizz is such a scruffbag!


  3. A belated thanks for your visits to my blog, I’ve been remiss in responding, in a writers retreat, now looking forward to a leisurely stroll through many of my favorite poems and pics over the holiday season. A note on your swallows – every morning I am greeted with a swarm of swallows in a feeding frenzy over and around my patio. I Love it. The cats maybe not so. feliz navidad y feliz ano nuevo


    1. Thank you John 🙂 I get very remiss myself, there is just so much that needs doing, so no worries. Wonderful to hear about your Swallows, I am missing mine, just like I thought that I would. Feliz navidad y feliz ano nuevo to you too. (merry Christmas and a happy new year)


    1. Thanks Clare 🙂 No but it is showing the same behaviour. Whenever we are out they follow us as we pass through their territory. If I stop to photograph something they stay close to keep an eye on me. There are two birds who see the farm yard outside of my back door as their territory and if I open my door they flit around, keeping watch on me and so I have been putting a few worms out each time. Trying to get them to associate me with food. It is not going too well, they keep their distance and wait for me to go inside before they take the food. Still worms are cheap and I persevere 🙂

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      1. Robins are very sensible birds and are being cautious – you may want to eat them! Once they know you a little better they will understand how much you love them and will come to you. I have wanted to have birds feeding from my hand ever since as a little girl I read ‘The Children of Green Knowe’ by Lucy M Boston. I’ve never managed it yet!


    1. Thank you Ettel 🙂 They are lovely to look at but more cheeky than gentle. Fiercely territorial and brave but you hold on to that image of softness, there is nothing wrong with that.


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