On A Stick

From time to time I get asked about the stick that creeps into my photographs…. What stick?

Walking StickOh that stick.

Walking StickThat is my walking stick. A few years ago I hurt my back and strangely that left me with a stiff and also wobbly leg.

Even if you don’t have a wobbly leg it is a good idea to have a stick because the UK is full of puddles and it is always better to know how deep they are before you step into them.

My stick is nothing special. It is a piece of Hazel with Honeysuckle twined around it and a bit of antler for a handle.

Walking Stick.I bought it for twenty pounds from an itinerant stick maker soon after I arrived in this area.

I knew straight away what it was and it reminded me of a place that I used to call home. It was just something that I had to have.

Honeysuckle will twist wood.

Birch twisted by HoneysuckleProbably the most important thing to know about Honeysuckle is that it keeps evil at bay. That is an excellent property to have in a stick and it must work because we are never troubled by evil.

The other thing that was important to me was that the little piece of woodland that I used to own was full of Honeysuckle.

HoneysuckleThe best thing about Honeysuckle is that it is sweetly scented and in the confined space of woodland in the summer time that scent is held and it filled the wood.



HoneysuckleWe find plenty of Honeysuckle here in the hedgerows around the farm but out in the open it doesn’t have quite the same effect as it does in woodland.



HoneysuckleStill it is a beautiful flower to find and one that I like to keep at hand, always.

I was going to finish this post with another wildflower but you have already seen some lovely wildflowers so instead I will do a Fizz on Facebook update for the people who don’t have Facebook.

Here are some of her recent status updates.

FizzDreaming in colour.

FizzWaiting for a walk.

FizzDreaming of the jungle.

Fizz(sometimes he brings a little sink for me to wash up in)

FizzDreaming of Tigers.

FizzDreaming of playing stick.

FizzWaiting patiently for my turn in the spotlight.

56 thoughts on “On A Stick”

  1. I find your walking stick interesting. My mother in law had a small collection of walking sticks made out of Diamond Willow tree. We had a fence of thick honeysuckle growing along our property when I was a kid. One of my favorite memories is lying in bed at night and the fragrance of honeysuckle drifting in through the open windows on a summer breeze. I love honeysuckle! I wear honeysuckle lotion and honeysuckle perfume. We also used to pull the stamens (I think) out of the flower and taste it’s sweetness. The scent always takes me back to those long ago summer nights.


      1. Yes. I’m not sure that Tom Tootlepeddle with qualify for much longer; he has just had a new knee fitted. My torn ligaments have almost healed, too; so I will soon be given the heave – ho.


  2. Thank-you for telling us about your stick. It is wonderful when we find something that is completely ‘us’ – just exactly what we need. I am glad you have found something that reminds you of your beloved, lost wood. Honeysuckle and Fizz – a perfect combination!


  3. I have a piece of a small wild cherry tree that we had to cut down drying in the shop. I hope to make it into a walking stick one of these days. Beautiful pictures. We have some honeysuckle on our fence. I keep threatening to cut it, but then it does something cute.


  4. Fun post all around, but especially reminding me that honeysuckle grew even in the city in the US, in Brooklyn, when I was a girl, and we would take the flower and suck from it for a tiny sweet drop of nectar. I don’t know now if we were just imagining that it was there — but it was an exciting experience for us.


  5. Thanks for sharing the story of your walking stick. I must say yours is a much more interesting style than the old walking stick of my Mother’s I had to resort to last winter. Now I know I can’t walk as much, my use of it (the walking stick) has been no longer necessary – I just take very short walks these days. Mind you, my troublesome lumbar and hip pain keeps nagging away so if the day comes when a walking stick is mandatory outdoors, I hope I have the luck in finding such a beautiful and charming one as yours.

    Love your honeysuckle images. You’ve made them at just the right stage of flowering. Mine are just a jumble of tangled petals as I shot them too late in the flowering season. I must try again next Spring.

    I’m wondering what Fizz asked for in his letter to Santa (assuming he has Christmas wishes). More balls? A colourful warm winter jacket? The joy of your Company for ever and ever? Leather bound booties for a snow-covered Christmas Day walk? Do share.


  6. My Virginia woods are teeming with honeysuckle; intoxicating smell in the summer, isn’t it? The vines do gain quite a stranglehold on the young saplings. Occasionally I do cut them back just to give the young tree a chance. It’s amazing to see how the vine leaves such a permanent imprint on the young bark.


    1. Thank you Barbara 🙂 I am not sure but I think that your young trees would outgrow the Honeysuckle after time and lose the beautiful twist. Your woodland sounds beautiful.


  7. I wanted to grow honeysuckle in my HK garden but they told me it didn’t do well. So I planted a Jasmine. That did nothing for 4 years but this year has done brilliantly. I have seen honeysuckle grown successfully and it is on my list for ‘must haves’ when we get back.


    1. Thank you Adrienne 🙂 I am so glad that you said that. People often comment on how a flower that I post, native to Europe, is considered invasive where they live and I have wondered whether it would be tactless to point out that they were the ones that brought it with them when they invaded. It probably would be tactless. We are all flowers 🙂


  8. Most people don’t know that you can actually suck the honey from honeysuckle. When I was a kid living in the South (USA), we knew how to extract certain parts to let the nectar flow freely. Sometimes there would be a few of us kids hanging out, snacking on the nectar around one bush.
    I live farther north now, and the flowers are smaller, the nectar less, and there is hardly any flavor.


  9. i think your stick is fantastic.
    We have honeysuckle running rampant here in the summer. I love it, but I’m a bit angry at how it killed one of the lilacs. “Greedy honeysuckle vine, go choke out an unwanted white mulberry,” I say. lol


    1. Thank you Joey 🙂 I have never actually known a Honeysuckle to kill it’s host but I guess that they can. In coppice woodland it is usually removed to make processing the trees easier, when I bought my wood I had to fight with enthusiastic coppicers to leave the Honeysuckle for the wildlife but I won that one 🙂


  10. I always look forward to your adventures! I love the new posts about Fizz. The ” dreaming of sticks” hAs me laughing out loud. Fizz does appear to enjoy posing. Our dog, bear , requires significant culinary delights before he will even consider posing! 🙂


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