The Day That Sugar Rationing Ended

Hi, busy, busy today. I haven’t even done a flower post.

This is going to be my next one. (I think)

Self HealIt is a beautiful little wildflower called Self Heal. I chose it because it is quite an easy one and I thought that I could write it quickly and get it done today but I haven’t been able to do that.

Fizz has been pestering me to let her go on Facebook.

She has been quite a help to me and so I said, “well, okay then,” and I took her out today to let her choose her own wall.

Fizz's Wall

Fizz's Wall

Fizz's WallExcuse the quality but it was quite dull and she was a bit over excited. Anyway she found one that she liked and I think that it is a good choice.

Now I am old and I don’t really get Facebook but still I am helping her with the technicological side of things.

I have put a link to her Facebook page on my blog (top right) and I tried to help her more.

I tried to put some of my stuff on her wall but it isn’t appearing under her link???

My stuffI will sort these issues out for her, or I am not the technicological whiz kid that I think I am 😀

Now by all means be her friend but don’t expect lots of informative nature stuff, she is not exactly the brains in this organisation. She is more of “the cute one,”

You will get a lot of this…

Fizzand plenty of this..

FizzBut not a lot else.

She thinks that she will be good at this and maybe she will but as of today I have got 586 followers and Fizz has got No friends. Zero, Zilch, Not a one, Nobody at all!

In fact I have rushed this post out just so that I could say that. She thinks that one day, she will be the boss of me. 😀 😀 😀

So anyway I was helping her to register her account and fill in the forms and I said to her , “What do you want me to put for your birthday? You can’t be three. ” She said, “put 23.09.1953.”

Why? Well in the UK, following the Second World War, that was the day that… Oh! Read the title of this post!

There is such a thing as being “Too Sweet.”

From time to time people wander onto this blog to see nature and not cute little fluffy things… So here are some old pictures of a beautiful little animal.

Nearly forgot….


This is a Green Orb Weave Spider, Araniella cucurbitina.

Green Orb Weave Spider

Green Orb Weave Spider

Green Orb Weave Spider

Green Orb Weave Spider

Green Orb Weave Spider

Green Orb Weave Spider

Fizz and I are still friends and she will always be on this blog, she is just branching out a little bit.

My little girl is growing up 🙂

I am well aware that I am behind with responding to comments and visiting you. I have set aside tomorrow and I will do nothing creative at all, I will just catch up. Thank you for being so nice.

Fizz will probably be quite active.

A couple of comments are alerting me that the feed on the side bar isn’t working. That will be why my hat isn’t coming up on her wall.

Try this Fizz on FB

48 thoughts on “The Day That Sugar Rationing Ended”

  1. I love how you are branching out! I clicked on Fizz on FB, but it only took me to my Timeline. You know I will follow her!! I am branching out as well. I’ve discovered the art of creating caricatures and am having a blast. Since I don’t want to offend anyone, I’ve only been using my own photos. I posted them yesterday. You and Fizz are such an interesting pair, that I would like your permission to post caricatures of you two. I promise you will like them! Have a great day and get with the FB thing cause I want to keep up with Fizz! Thanks Colin! Happy Trails!!!


    1. Thanks Sandi 🙂 I would love to see caricatures, I laugh at myself all of the time. I know quite a lot about myself and I know that for thirty years I was married to one of the most beautiful women in the world, when she kicked me out I took up with a girl who was the singer in a country rock band. I am not insecure, I like being alone at the moment because that is what I want. There is no insecurity here at all and have fun and laugh. I love you for it 😉


      1. Thank you so much, Colin! I love people who are not afraid of being themselves! I’ll be glad to make you laugh! I enjoy your blog and your sense of humor. I grew up with that. My dad was the wittiest, most sarcastic man alive. So much so, that I grew up thinking he was making fun of me. Looking back I see that I was just an emotional, overly-sensitive little girl. I’m glad I out-grew it! I laugh at myself all the time. along with the rest of my family. I would feel unloved if someone wasn’t ribbing me! Happy Trails!!


  2. LOL – great fun! I love Fizz’s ‘wall’ – it flatters her. Definitely going to ‘friend’ her! Thanks for helping her out – she will one day be even more famous than she already is and we can say we knew her ‘when.’ 😉
    Now that Green Orb spider is a cutie, but has nothing on dear Fizz.


    1. Thank you Joy 🙂 Can’t say that I blame you. In the UK we don’t have any dangerous animals, no mean spiders or snakes. An Adder could hurt you but they are so rare and try really hard to avoid us. That little green spider is just cute and would run around on your fingers before leaping into the nearest bush. That is the UK elsewhere in the world there is very good reason to be scared of spiders and snakes.

      I have just had a look on your blog and seen your Halloween decorations. Wow! and you are scared of spiders? I would be very scared of my neighbours. Spiders are cool.


  3. This post is entertaining, informative, and sobering, in that I am grateful for something I’ve never even thought about before ~ I have never had to celebrate a day like The Day that Sugar Rationing Ended. I am blessed. Thank you for enlightening me. 🙂


  4. love love love the spider. All our orb weavers are gone and the next generation os content to sin their little sacks strung between branches. Can’t wait till they hatch next year.


  5. Ahhh Self Heal. One of the good parts about your blog is that I get to see photos of some of the herbs in my English Herbals. Otherwise many would remain just as ‘words in a book’. A Modern Herbal by Mrs M Grieve is such a weighty tome I rarely use it. My Herbals by Australian authors are minuscule in comparison but at least they have good photos. I suppose I should read up on Australian indigenous medicinal and culinary plants but I seem to have always had a leaning towards the medieval English herb gardens since writing a thesis on the history of herbal medicine many years ago (much of which I’ve forgotten now of course).

    I really don’t understand this Facebook thing at all. I clicked on the link at the end of your post and it just took me to my wall with Fizz’s stuff on it. I don’t use Facebook myself but just set it up so I can keep up with friends – here & overseas – who I don’t see. It’s as good as writing a letter except that I get all everyone’s news and they………have to subscribe to my blogs to get MY news.

    One of the things I don’t like about Facebook is that one of my overseas friends posts so many times in the one day about crappy stuff they find interesting and it takes forever to scroll through the crap to get to the notifications I REALLY want to read. Social networking can be a good thing, but not if you have to spend half your daylight hours reading or responding to it.

    I’d rather go out in the fresh air for a walk (when the weather’s good, that is).


    1. Thanks Vicki 🙂 I will do a proper post about Self Heal tomorrow. Fizz on FB isn’t very time consuming, she doesn’t really do much social commentary, she just posts pretty pictures of herself 🙂


      1. Maybe not but Fizz is a compelling pooch. Your post gave me an idea that I could set up a FB page for my little dog and post comments from a pet point of view. Then he could “friend” Fizz. Woof!


  6. Thank you for the Fizz pics!! I love them! I am not on facebook either, but I will see her page 🙂 Yesterday the power went here and only the balcony light worked, it was the only light for miles and miles so the whole bug community took shelter on my balcony and I couldn’t see the whitewash for bugs. They also settled on the window so I could study them. One of them looked like an alien. It made me think of your blog. Some of the bugs came inside to continue the party in my flat, I did not like that! I don’t know which ones of them are poisonous, so I am sorry to say that I had to kill a few as they refused to leave. I hope the power comes back today, bugs and me don’t mix well.


    1. Thanks Trini 🙂 Wow, that would be my idea of a great time, millions of bugs. When Fizz has put enough pictures of herself on FB I might let her have a post on here just to share them with people who don’t have FB.


  7. I checked Fizz’s FB page. So she has not been to school? The education authority will not be impressed. I am happy to say I do not remember sugar rationing but I do remember petrol rationing and somewhere still have a book of the tickets. I must try to find them. I think Fizz will have a lot of friends. Maybe I should start a Lulu page but right now I am too busy.


    1. Thanks Andrew 🙂 Fizz is at still at school. I agree that FB could be very time consuming that is why I have allowed Fizz to represent us there. I wouldn’t have time myself but Fizz is not exactly deep and for now anyway she is content to post pictures of herself and not much else 🙂


  8. Fizzion! With all that furry energy it was bound to happen sooner or later. She deserves such a wonderful wall and all. Now about that spider – with their eight legs, six or eight eyes, fangs (generally), web weaving, gravity defying super powers, blood sucking, apparent lack of fear and photogenic sex appeal, it’s enough to give me an inadequacy complex. If only I could look as good 😉


  9. Your blog is beautiful. As I was working my way down the posts, I was thinking that there has to be a spider picture somewhere and I wasn’t looking forward to finding it.
    Then I saw the slime alert so thought how considerate you were. Then as I went further down I saw the title of this post so T least I had a bit of warning. I continued to scroll down but very slowly. Thank you so much for putting up the spider alert before the photo. I stopped scrolling 😄
    Once again, beautiful blog.


  10. Sorry to say that me and ol Facebook, we’ve been at war almost back to the day Fizz picked for her birthday (alright, a little exaggeration), but I’ve no doubt whatsoever that with a face like hers, her friends list is going to be putting mine and everybody’s I know to shame in less time than it takes to say “Araniella cucurbitina” (thank goodness for cut/paste). Lol.


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