A Proper Winter’s Day

WinterIt was one of those bright blue, freezing cold, but still warm in the sun, days today.

Step out of the sunshine and there is frost on the ground in the afternoon, perfect! (For December)

FrostWe still needed to find something to photograph and that entailed climbing over barbed wire fences… (Very cool)

FenceAnd what is good about barbed wire is that nobody is going to find my berries.

Holly Berries

Holly Berries

Holly Berries

Holly Berries

Holly Berries

Holly Berries

Holly Berries

Holly BerriesI don’t want to photograph Holly in the sunshine, I want a nice festive setting, a bit of snow. So this is a good tree, we have just got to wait for some bad weather.

That is all that you are going to get today, most of the time we just played ball. There is not much life around at this time of year.

I have spent a lot of time writing for my Wildflower guide, which just means that I have added three more flowers and if you want more nature they are here….

Lesser Celandine Lesser Celandine   Lesser Celandine   Lesser CelandineLesser Celandine

Town Hall Clock Town Hall Clock   Town Hall Clock   Town Hall ClockTown Hall Clock

Arum Lily Arum Lily   Arum Lily   Arum LilyArum Lily

But don’t worry about what I am doing over there because that is not a blog it is a work of reference.

We will try and have a good adventure tomorrow 🙂




11 thoughts on “A Proper Winter’s Day”

  1. The Holly, with berries, is lovely. I saved one shot. When the berries have a bit of frost, I will save another shot.
    And you, in the UK, have such beautiful flowers.


  2. I’ve been caught up on barbed wire a number of times and sewn up many holes in my son’s trousers from it. For some silly reason I associate barbed wire with Australia but obviously that’s not the case! I have no idea is holly berries can be eaten as we don’t have the plant here (that I know of anyway). They certainly look pretty though. Any walk outside in nature is an adventure I think, as you never know what might happen. Would be lovely to read your wildflower guide. I used to press wildflowers as a child. Sadly, I may have contributed to their rarity through this action though.


  3. I must admit to some mild jealousy. I want a frosty,sunny winter’s day too! The sky cleared for an hour today at midday and then clouded over again with more drizzle. Saw two HGVs today stuck in mud at the side of the road. NO MORE RAIN PLEASE! Those holly berries and leaves are looking so bright and healthy. The ones round here are looking quite lack-lustre.


  4. I always wondered what Barbours are for. They are for putting over the barbed wire fence, right? I think Fizz needs a Barbour and 2 pairs of Hunters. Write to Margaret Barbour and see if she can do a dog jacket.


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