Frosting the Dog

Well, it wasn’t really much of a frost and I think we may have to put off declaring a “State of Emergency” for a day or two.

FrostThere was some frost on the little things.

Little ThingFrost can be quite destructive and Spindle berries were dropping off the tree as I was trying to photograph them.

Spindle Berries

Spindle BerriesA few of the remaining flowers were totally frosted and I don’t think that they will last much longer.

HogweedIt feels a bit like we are saying goodbye to the colours of Autumn and hello to the greyness that is Winter.

BlackberriesToday wasn’t very cold.The Puddles were not frozen…

Mud(There is nothing like a cool drink of mud to set you up for the day)

There was no frost at all under the trees. They have a warmth of their own, trapping warm air and protecting their surroundings from exposure to the cold night.

I am not really sure that this is frost on the grass and not just cold dew.


GrassBut Winter is coming…. and the Sloes will taste sweeter.

Sloe Berries

Sloe BerriesFizz got an extra walk and she has got insulation so she doesn’t mind the cold and when we got home I had some toast (In case it gets bad later)





33 thoughts on “Frosting the Dog”

  1. Those frosted pink flowers look like sugared candy! 🙂 Yummy! I want to eat them! 🙂 hihihi 😀 And thank you so much for the adorable Fizz pics! :- ) She lookes pretty frosted too! 🙂 Hihihihi 😀


  2. Our dog is waiting for the snow (which may arrive tomorrow). We had a dusting two weeks ago and she was nuts. Great shots. I agree with Trini, the frosted berries look good enough to eat.


    1. Thank you Andrew 🙂 I fear that since you left these shores global warming has set in. There doesn’t seem to be a lot of difference between the seasons now,winter is warm and summer is wet. The scarves and gloves and red noses of winter are now as rare as snowball fights. I too yearn for a cold frosty winter of deep snow and billowing breath, followed by a never ending heat wave of summer sun. I am afraid that we will get mud. I am being selfish the rain keeps us warm and Fizz likes mud 🙂


    1. Thank you Joy 🙂 Um…. Fog? Think of us as being like Hobbits. Tolkien was an Englishman and like any writer he drew on his own experience. He wrote about the little people of the shires (I live in Gloucestershire) who like comfort and definitely don’t like adventures. We don’t get any extreme weather in England so we have to make the most of what we do get. Small unexpected things like cold in winter or sunshine in the summer quickly throw us off balance and we decide it would just be better to stay indoors today and have some toast 🙂


  3. Such beautiful pictures, the berries and the sloes especially. The grayness of winter is coming for sure and I’ll also be looking for Fizz playing in the snow. Maybe she enjoys it as much as she does mud?


    1. Thank you Matt 🙂 Buddy belongs to my closest neighbour. He runs free most of the time and is always getting into trouble. The neighbours are always chasing him and shouting at him and he runs away from everyone except me, so we have a bond and I get to take him home. He is young mischief 🙂

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  4. Beautiful pics. Are sloes edible. In the US they are. There’s not much fruit to them, mostly pit, so they’re work intensive, but with green apples, they make wonderful jam. The aroma is wonderful. Next year I want to make wine with some.


    1. Thank you Ibeth 🙂 Yes Sloes are edible. I eat them straight from the tree and have been doing so since they started to ripen. Many people find them too tart, they dry the mouth but they are juicy so you can always have another one. Wine sounds like an excellent idea. There is a tradition here of making Sloe Gin with them. That basically involves buying a bottle of gin and flavouring it with the sloes but it takes a few months for the flavour to develop and I am not a big fan of gin. I just like to pick them and mix and match with other fruits for nibbles when we are out walking.


  5. OH! The frost pics are beautiful. And I will be anxious to see what Fizz thinks of snow. Our late Spaniel thought it was put down just for him, I believe. He just lost it with joy.
    The sloes look good enough to eat, all chilled in frost.


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