The Vanishing

There has been a slight interruption to our normal service. One of the farm dogs has gone missing.

BuddyHe hasn’t been seen since eleven o’clock on Sunday morning. He has the run of the farm and local footpaths but wears a collar that is supposed to deter him from straying out onto the road.

It is quite common for him to disappear for an hour or so as he has quite a bit of land to run around in but he always comes back and he knows his way home.

BuddySo we were out looking for him as it was getting dark yesterday and this morning Mighty Mouse and I will be doing some house to house enquiries. Obviously his owners are doing everything that they can to find him too.

BuddyHis owner lost a new puppy just a couple of weeks ago in a horrible car accident and she can’t be losing another one so soon. That would not be fair, so we have just got to find him.

Quite often if something happens on a Sunday it doesn’t get reported till the Monday Β morning and hopefully we will track him down quickly today.Β (he is microchipped)

We have good stuff to blog. One of my pet sticks has been baffling the boffins and I have found a truly beautiful Spindle tree. I know that we have only just done Spindle but this one still has dark green leaves and it is set off by a golden Oak just behind it. Also we still need to get the Honey Mushroom’s bootlaces and other stuff. First we have to find Buddy.

Normal service will resume shortly.

12:30 Update: Buddy has been found safe and well. Fizz and I went out and searched in the mud for him. He wasn’t Β in the mud but we had some fun looking. He had got himself locked in a shed on one of the neighbouring farms. Silly Dog πŸ™‚

25 thoughts on “The Vanishing”

  1. Good news indeed on him being found! I know my wife would not let me come back in the door if one of her ‘babies’ came up missing and I’d better return with the missing mutt or find one that looked exactly like it. πŸ™‚ Have a great week!


  2. So thankful to read the Update on this story! And equally thankful it was a simple “night out” for the pup! I’m sure wee Fizz is relieved as well! πŸ˜‰ Have a great week! Peace brother!


  3. One night our dog charged after a rabbit, jerking the leash from my husband’s hand, and was gone! Just like that! We searched half the night for him. I cried myself to sleep. The next morning my husband heard him whimpering in the woods beside our house. His leash got tangled around a twig, and there Rascal sat all night long. Silly dog!


  4. My hear sank as I read this post. Some farmers at the top of where we live, lost two dogs a couple of years ago.We all kept a look out for them, but sadly they were never seen again. We suspect someone from out of the area nabbed them.
    I’m thrilled that he’s turned up safe and well. A happy ending to a rather fraught time. .


  5. So glad to read the happy ending!
    Something I want to know is how that collar works. Stella the Great Newfenees has a bad road habit that I’ve never been able to break. Autos are the leading cause of death for Pyrenean Mountain Dogs, I’ve been told. Since Stella is 3/4 PMD, I worry about her. Do my best to keep her busy at home, but sometimes she gets up to the ‘Big Gravel Path’ on her own.


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