Nod the Dog

Just a quick post to fill the gap.

Yesterday Fizz had an idea for a very funny video that she was going to call, “Man loses toupee.”

The idea was that with the camera set high above us, I would walk on to the scene and be bald and she would dance around my feet pretending to be the toupee that I was trying to retrieve.

It nearly worked but in the end she decided there just wasn’t enough baldness in shot and so she abandoned that idea.

Shame, it would have been so funny to have a good laugh at me. Instead here is the video that I made.

Aw! Poor little Fizz.

22 thoughts on “Nod the Dog”

  1. now I know why I cant see the videoes! I have my youtube set in safetymode because there always comes up so much horrible things I dont want to see, but now the saftey mode is telling me that I cant see the videos of Fizz!! I wonder why. Are you perhaps saying any bad words in the video or something? 🙂 🙂 🙂


    1. Thanks Trini 🙂 There is no bad language. It is a new account and there are only about a dozen videos on it. Perhaps I have to set it as being suitable for all ages. I shall investigate. Thanks for letting me know 🙂


      1. Yes, I think it has to be set as suitable to all for sensitive people like me with safteymode on to see it 🙂 🙂 🙂
        Let me know if anything changes! 🙂


  2. Sorry Trini but I can’t find any reason to explain it being blocked. There was an option to disable advertising which I have done but I doubt that is the problem. I can set videos as unsuitable for certain age groups but haven’t done so, they are all quite suitable. I have checked my community status and it is in good standing. So I don’t know.

    If anybody does know what the problem is please let us know. Perhaps Fizz means something inappropriate in another language. Perhaps she swears at me under her breath when I am teasing her. 🙂


    1. I would never use bad language on my blog or in my videos. I have been a Sailor and I was almost a Pirate, I have seen a lot of things and I could teach a parrot some new words but…. many years ago I got into a relationship with a lady called Eileen. She lived next door to me, one day I went round to tell her that my wife had cancer and would be going through chemo soon, the girl had shaved her head and didn’t want the neighbours gossiping. Eileen told me that her husband Frank also had cancer, prostate, he died, my wife didn’t. We used to hug a lot and do slobbery kisses, her more than me.
      My son was about twelve and he used to play in the street with his friends, their laughter would echo down the street. One day Eileen told me that she was frightened by their laughter, I think that she was saying, “Could I stop it?” As a parent I felt protective, the sound of children’s laughter should never frighten anybody but I also understood.
      As we get older we get beaten. Our courage and our ability to respond sometimes falters. I love and respect and would never do anything to cause upset or nervousness in anybody. I know what I can do and I don’t need to prove it. The really strong people don’t need to tell you that they are strong, they are the gentle ones.
      There is no potty mouth on my blog 🙂 For a reason. I don’t mind if you do. I quite like it in the right place 🙂


  3. Fizz and her muddy Autumn. What a brave little non-complainer she is in that muck. Quite fierce too seizing that ball like a TRex. Great video. I fan see how she would be a dictatorial director. 🙂


  4. She is just so cute. She enjoys life so much every minute. And she knows if she sticks with you, there will be fun stuff going on! Thanks for posting videos, cos we really get to see her then.


  5. What a nice video. I do wonder that you haven’t been nipped for all the teasing…the reason being….Fizz really does love you. You make a great team.


  6. My Stella is like that with her goodnight cookie. They’re about three times the size of Fizz’s ball. But then Stella is a bit bigger than Fizz…
    That is a beautiful walking stick you’re sporting. Did you make it yourself?


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