What shall we do with the drunken sailor?

Tap….Tap, tap, tap………Tap,tap.

Hi, um…. you can do whatever you like with him, I am going to take over his blog.

Hello Pink Monkeys

My associate has fell over and so now I am in charge. There will be no more flours.

In case you don’t know flours are completely useless. They don’t run away and they don’t bounce.

Red Campion

Red Campion

Red CampionThis is either Red Campion or Red Nonsense, it is hard to tell.

I would get him out of the puddle, honestly I love him but he always lies in puddles and I think that he likes it.



MushroomsThey don’t bounce and they don’t run. I am sure that he will have something to say about mushrooms when he wakes up. That will be in about three days, he got lots of whiskey for looking after me.

Let’s get Fizzical, Fizzical…..


FizzRescue Dog

FizzThis blog is so much better now.


FizzSee you tomorrow, Monkeys.


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