The Night I Was Taken Advantage Of

Think twice before you be nice!

So normally the farmers son does the final house check. He comes over switches a couple of lights on, checks all the doors and takes Fizz for a little stroll around the garden before shutting her up for the night. Last night he was going out and so he asked me if I could just let her out around nine o’clock and then settle her down for the night. (More responsibility). Okay 🙂

Well, it’s November and at about eight o’clock a firework display started up. Dogs and fireworks aren’t great so I decided to check up on her. I don’t agree with keeping dogs outside, it is not something that I have ever done but I respect other people’s wishes. Fizz is a farm dog and this is the way that she knows but..

Fireworks? I took pity on her and brought her upstairs, thinking that she would lie gratefully at my feet, safe and warm.

She ran through to my bedroom, stole a pair of my freshly ironed socks, leapt up on my furniture and tried to destroy them.

That is just a little video for Fizz’s ever growing army of followers, I thought that you should know something of her true character.

After she was gone I noticed a puddle on my kitchen floor. It was raining but I hadn’t noticed it raining indoors.

Mushrooms next.

29 thoughts on “The Night I Was Taken Advantage Of”

    1. Thank you Debra 🙂 I should probably confess that I don’t really iron my socks but it brought a few smiles. The truth is that I gave up ironing my shirts about a year ago and the only thing that I ever iron is the legs of my trousers. Nobody minds, my landlord who must be worth more than a million, given the land and property, walks around in an old coat with a length of rope for a belt and we all wear Wellington boots around the farm 🙂


      1. =) Thanks for being a good sport with all the teasing. We used to call those ‘rubber boots’ where I come from. This one lady I knew who moved out to the island said she knew she becoming a local because one day she looked down at her feet and realized she didn’t even know where her high heels were.


  1. Oh, dear!!! I thought you knew…socks are one of a dog’s favorite toys. The idea is however…the dog takes hold of one end and the keeper takes hold of the other…I guess the dog thinks it “tug of war.” Hope yous were not destroyed by our dear Fizz.
    Thanks for the entertaining video and info on another mushroom.


  2. Well, thanks for showing us that she really isn’t all goodness and light! Since she isn’t a frequent indoor visitor, you didn’t have a toy basket for her, so of course, she had to improvise!


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