Sweetness and Light

I thought that I had better give you an update.

FizzJust in case anybody doesn’t know what’s going on with Fizz and myself let me explain.

Fizz’s owner, Margaret, has gone away for the weekend and asked me to look after Fizz. Just as she was leaving, Margaret said to me, “Just Β keep a close eye on her this time, I think she’s coming into season.”

Not being quite sure what that meant I looked it up on the internet and it said, “Your dog will be desperate for .. well, company. She will try and escape and other dogs will take an interest in her.” Okay.

Actually I think that Margaret was mistaken, Fizz is being a little angel and not misbehaving at all. We are just avoiding public places where she might be led into temptation.

We had a lovely walk today. There was a cold wind but plenty of sunshine and Butterflies.

Red AdmiralThis Β was nice to see in November. I chased this Red Admiral all over the place and took a lot of pictures. I will probably give it it’s own post but for now here it is demonstrating it’s perfect camouflage.

Now you see me…

Red AdmiralOOh! Where’s the butterfly gone?

Red AdmiralHere is a pretty little mushroom. I don’t know what it is. I know you are going to say Amethyst Deceiver but it is not. I am very familiar with that one. I think that this could be a Lilac Fibrecap but I didn’t get the pictures that I wanted so I am going to leave it for now. I know where to find them and will pop back up there one morning after a bit of rain and see if I can get some more.

For now it is just pretty.

Unidentified Fungi

Unidentified FungiThere were still plenty of flowers about. The wind made photographing them a bit difficult. I took lots of shots of the Herb Robert but it moved in most of them.

Herb Robert

Herb RobertHerb Robert is one of those flowers that I expect to see pretty well all winter. You always get the odd flower that opens out of season and there is just so much of this around that I can almost guarantee to find at least one on any day of the year. Red Campion is the same, very prolific.

Now for another fungi. A lovely find but I don’t know what this one is either. The difference is that I have a lot of good quality photographs of this one. If it is possible to ID it from a photograph then I should be able to do so and it will have it’s own post. I am holding back for now.

Unidentified Fungi

Unidentified FungiOkay, let’s get dirty. That is what we really came out for.

Unidentified Fungi

FizzNo, you can be muddier than that.


FizzIsn’t she sweet?

FizzI think that we need deeper puddles πŸ™‚

18 thoughts on “Sweetness and Light”

  1. I’m colorblind and use a free software called “what color” to “see” colors. It tells me that your first mushroom is lavender and / or thistle, which is pale purple. I don’t know if that will help in your ID quest or not.
    Cute dog!


    1. Thank you so much πŸ™‚ For colour blind you have a very colourful blog, especially recently. I really want to find a few more samples of the little lavender one before I try to ID it πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Sarasin πŸ™‚ The Red Admiral is one of the butterflies that overwinters here as an adult. It needs good camo as it is going to be outside and mostly asleep all winter, when everything else is hungry.

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  2. I love the lavender mushroom – an unexpected color in fungi. Hope Fizz behaves herself and doesn’t give you the slip! Although even if she gave birth to mixed breeds, there would be takers for all her pups via this blog! She has loads of fans!


    1. Thank you Eliza πŸ™‚ It did cross my mind that if there was an “accident” I could probably knock out little Fizzes on Ebay for a tidy sum but would Margaret notice what I was up to? I decided not to risk it πŸ™‚

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  3. I’ve never seen a Lilac mushroom before, very beautiful! Fizz is very cute, similar to my little guy but mine is fixed so no worries about who’s company he shares! I have a Photo blog about mushrooms maybe you can take a look and name some for me as I have no clue! it’s called Fungus Friday.


  4. Fizz is truly an outdoor dog. No drama queen in her. No worry about breaking a nail or getting her hair messed up. She likes a muddy ball as well as a clean, green ball. She’s the best! Great post! The butterflies are absolutely gorgeous!! Thanks for sharing! Happy Trails!


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