Her Finest Hour

I nearly called this post “The Fizz Show” she wants her own show.

Fizz has been missing from my last couple of posts. That is not because I Β am neglecting her, No I have been neglecting my camera.

The weather has been so terrible here that for the last couple of days I haven’t bothered taking my camera out with me. It is dark and raining with a constant gale force wind. So Fizz has had all of my attention. She didn’t mind.

The Fizz ShowI realise that most of my readers consider Fizz to be the leader of this team and see me as the side kick, I am not a jealous man, she hasn’t done anything particularly noteworthy just recently so I thought that tonight we could reflect back on what was her finest hour.

Cast your mind back to the end of March.

We had only just started going out together. I didn’t just grab her out of the garden when I arrived here. My landlord suggested that as I was out for several hours each day maybe I should take his dog along.

“What does she do?” I asked. “She is a trained nature detective dog and exactly what you need,” he replied.

It had been a very wet winter and quite frankly she looked a bit scruffy. I don’t normally hang out with scruffs, I’ve got an image to maintain. I decided to give it a go, I had nothing to lose.

The Fizz ShowAt first it probably wasn’t great. She was the jealous sort and she ate everything that I tried to photograph. This isn’t good in a photographer/photographer’s assistant type of relationship.

The Fizz Show(lesser Celandine being ate)

The Fizz Show(Pheasant’s egg being ate)

When her moment came I knew exactly what was on her mind and tied her to a tree while I took the pictures.

“Col! Col! There’s something in the leaf litter.” We were walking down a country road and she almost dragged me across to the other side. She doesn’t really do drag, she is quite little. “What is it little Dog? Do you want me to follow you?”

MoleI think that she wanted to make Moleburgers but I wasn’t up for that.

This is a wonderful little British mammal and we don’t get that much chance to look at these. You little photographers assistant you. (I would never have seen it without Fizz though)





MoleI was really grateful to Fizz for finding me that little animal and she was made up. For the next few days she was seeing Moles everywhere. (but not real ones)

The Fizz Show

The Fizz Show

The Fizz Show

The Fizz ShowI guess that is what started our relationship.

I just really created this post because I know that there are some people who really like Fizz. She is fine she isn’t being neglected but right now it is really difficult to photograph anything.

The Fizz ShowScruffbag πŸ™‚

I am a hippy and an anarchist. The way that I look symbolises my freedom. I am plainly nobody’s servant. My long grey hair and beard represent my independence. She is a scruff.

People do not look like their dogs πŸ™‚

43 thoughts on “Her Finest Hour”

    1. Thanks Stephen πŸ™‚ I think this was the first one that I had seen. I really, really wanted to hold it but I have this thing about stressing animals and anyway it would probably have bit me but that black velvet fur…


    1. Thank you Maggie πŸ™‚ Fizz belongs to my landlord and landlady and I rent a flat in their farmhouse. They are really lovely people. They are in their eighties and not especially mobile so they appreciate the care that I show Fizz. The husband has a temper, when I arrived he warned me that he could get very angry and some times made up lies and could be violent. It is damned hard to pick a fight with me, I only ever fight with things bigger than me and would never fight in a situation where I knew that I would win. We have never had a cross word and I think that he appreciates that. His wife is happy because Fizz is her dog.. Being homeless I knew that I couldn’t own a dog myself, they love their dog very much and this situation works really well for all of us. πŸ˜€

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  1. I have to say that I know what Fizz looks like from previous posts and, surprise, I had you pegged as well even though I had never seen a picture of you…I do like Fizz but I like your writing even more…keep on…

    Liked by 1 person

  2. What a charming portrait in the 1st image. But that 3rd image of Fizz is utterly adorable. She is fast becoming a favourite amongst us followers. And as to the mole…….thanks for sharing…….I’ve never seen one before and certainly not when I lived in country Sussex in the UK in 1978.

    After reading your blog each day, I sometimes wish I was back in country Sussex tramping through the woods as I often did back then. Of course I didn’t have the same appreciation of nature and the little critters who make up the countryside then (as I do now).

    One never appreciates one’s life so much as when its gone and in the past. And I’m sorry to say walking in the Australian bush is just not the same as in the English countryside. It’s so much bigger and drier (for the most part). A walk in the English countryside is utterly charming. A walk in the Australian countryside, while fascinating, is usually a long trek.

    Sorry to hear about the rough weather – no fun walking when there’s a gale blowing and fierce rain.


    1. Thank you Vicki πŸ™‚ I am not sure how to reply to that. England is my England and I love it with all my heart. I have seen some fantastic places and I have visited a few but I know where home is. Australia looks really beautiful and it has space which we don’t have here and fantastic animals, if I had more lives I would like to be an Australian next πŸ™‚


    1. Thank you Andrew πŸ™‚ Fizz is very popular. I am beginning to wish that I had a dog like her. She is just a friend. I would suggest a career in politics to her but females generally get a rough ride there and intelligent ones get it much worse. they are not ready for Fizz. Maybe she could work on TV πŸ™‚


  3. Great post, Colin! You know how I love Fizz here in the US, and many others on Facebook and Scrapbook.com are loving her too. She just has that natural charm. As always, thanks for sharing your heart and soul with us! Happy Trails!


  4. I love love love Fizz so so so much!!! πŸ™‚ She is so cute and funny!! πŸ™‚ I laughed so much when you wrote that she wants to eat everything that you try to photograph!! Oh, I laughed and laughed!! πŸ˜€ Your blog always makes me laugh, and I love to laugh!!! πŸ™‚ Thank you, both of you, for making me laugh! πŸ™‚


  5. I am so pleased to see a photo of you! Well, I am the non-dog-loving sort… but I have to admit there is great value in a nature detecting specialist leading your excursions. Fizz does grow on one. The mole is neat to see – love those crazy feet. I wouldn’t have guessed their silvery fur would look so appealing. I suppose I imagined more dirt and spiderwebs, but this could have been a tidy mole.


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