Bolbitius Titubans

Lovely name. It is a Yellow Fieldcap mushroom and it is very pretty and quite distinctive, so it has a post.

Yellow Fieldcap

Yellow FieldcapI hadn’t come across this one before and didn’t know what it was when I first saw it. It is quite common on farmland and when I look it up I learn that it likes well manured fields and rotting hay.

Back in June these fields were cut for silage.

SilageThey were quite efficient but still they didn’t collect all of the grass. What was left dried to hay and then rotted. (except for the quantity that I gathered for the Badgers)

HaySo this is exactly where I found my Yellow Fieldcaps, growing on rotting hay in a well manured field.

Yellow Fieldcap

Yellow Fieldcap

Yellow FieldcapI wish that I had recognised it straight away. This mushroom has a very short lifespan. From this stage, with the bright yellow caps it will open up turn grey/brown and die in a matter of hours. That is a process that I would have liked to have photographed. Never mind, I shall look for some more.

Yellow Fieldcap

Yellow FieldcapIt is one of those mushrooms sometimes described as inedible. It isn’t poisonous but there is just no point in eating it. It doesn’t taste special and has very little substance.

It is a lovely colour, a very pretty little thing to find in the fields.

Yellow Fieldcap

8 thoughts on “Bolbitius Titubans”

  1. I have just been to your website/ blog and I must say, you do capture essences of nature that many of us would have ignored. Great photos, the clarity of them are perfect. Where do you take all these photos?


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