Badgers, Foxes and Haircuts

Yes Fizz has been to the beauty parlour again. I am just using her pictures to accompany my videos because I didn’t get any stills of Badgers or Foxes yesterday.

FizzSo on with the serious stuff.

When my cameras are out in the field then I watch hundreds of these videos every week and they do get a bit samey but I thought that I should post a few so that they are available if you want to see them. I get a lot of pleasure from watching these wild animals.

The Foxes that I video are not your Urban Fox. People who live in the countryside never see Foxes, it is only townies who know these animals well but 80% of our Fox population lives out of town, in the wild. They are just very secretive animals.

As to the Badgers, just think if we could follow these animals through the year and maybe in springtime see them produce cubs. I missed out on cubs this year but I didn’t know the animals very well, I had only just met them. Well, it could happen.

My first video is of Patch two nights ago, I haven’t picked up last nights action yet. Notable because he is out here at half past eight. (the first vid was at 20:28) I haven’t found the new sett yet but I think that I am very close because this is early for a badger to be about.

Patch stayed in front of the camera for nearly an hour, searching diligently for every last raisin. I am amazed that there was any food left when the Fox turned up, two hours later.

This Fox doesn’t look very  happy in the rain but there is work to be done.

I have been trying to get an idea of which Fox is which. The Foxes had cubs this year and I have seen three of them together. I don’t know how many there are but one seems to have a very distinctive dark tail.

Well I could watch these animals all night so I am going to post two more of the Badgers just being Badgers. The first is not Patch and this is from a few nights ago.

This is beautiful Patch the following night.

That is more than enough videos back to Haircut…

Fizzand that is more than enough of her.

13 thoughts on “Badgers, Foxes and Haircuts”

  1. Great videos, thank you for sharing! Isn’t it amazing how different the foxes are. I don’t know if you have seen my fox posts. All three of the foxes look completely different. I cannot say the same about badgers but I don’t have too much experience with them. Sweet animals, get killed by ignorant people.


  2. Good shots and hopefully we can set up a camera when we have finished with the stress of building work. What camera did you use? Love the dog! What is she? Have just been out for a walk with a friends Tibetan terrier.


    1. Thanks Georgina 🙂 Trail cams are great. This model is a “Bushnell Trophy Cam.” Trail camera technology moves forward in leaps and bounds and I have had this one for a couple of years now so there are probably much better models on the market now. The advances do make a difference, when I look back on videos that I made ten years or more ago the quality seems so poor they make me cringe but I loved them then. Fizz is a breed of dog called a Shih Tzu. I had to look that up. All dogs are bred for a purpose and potentially good for something, right? Not this one. She is what they sometimes call a companion dog or otherwise a Toy Dog. Beware Shih Tzu’s seem to need to visit the barber every few weeks. 🙂


      1. Thanks for the info on camera and Fizz. Aren’t most dogs bred to be companions now? Ha d an English Setter once and not sure what he was bred for, flopping about, wagging his tail and never coming back!


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