Wild Radish

Wild RadishThis is one that I hadn’t seen before and getting the ID confirmed was harder than I expected, it is a very distinctive flower. I found it easily enough by Googling for “veined yellow flower” and just browsing images. The problem came when I needed the experts to confirm my ID. Apparently there are a few other things that look similar. It has been confirmed now by the best, this is 100% Raphanus raphanistrum a Wild Radish.

Wild RadishWikiwotsit and a few other web sites that probably copy WW say that it is easily confused with Searocket but I can’t see that. Searocket is  a succulent with thick fleshy leaves and doesn’t look anything like this.

Wild RadishNow I am going to have a little rant.

The internet is full of bad information and it gets copied. Bad information becomes fact and it all gets really confusing. I will give you an obvious example….

“Obdurate petals” I came across that one years ago and I have just googled it again and the top three answers are still about the Soft Geranium,  Geranium molle, Why would a soft geranium have stubborn petals? You would expect it to be a push over, being soft and all.

Stubborn GeraniumIt doesn’t. In botany the word “Obcordate” means heart shaped. The Geranium molle has heart shaped petals. It is an easy mistake to make, just a typo really or an automatic spell checker but that example just shows how a little bit of bad information goes a long way, it gets copied. My apologies to the web sites that haven’t got round to correcting that one yet. ( 🙂 )

That was an easy one to spot. Some of the wrong info is not so easy to sort out and it just gets spread around.

That is the end of my rant.

Can you eat it? Yes you can. It is a member of the Mustard family and the whole plant is edible. The greens are supposed to be nice but I probably won’t bother, it looks a bit stringy.

Wild Radish

Wild Radish

On second thoughts I shall have a taste of it next time I am up there. I have read that it tastes like radish and I do like them. I would hate to miss out on something nice.

The root is also edible but best taken young and don’t expect a radish. I have just been out to photograph the root but I had to turn back before I got there because I was being followed by a pesky dog called Buddy and had to return him home.

Buddy(Pesky Dog)

So this is Wild Radish also known as Jointed Charlock.

Wild Radish

Wild Radish

Wild Radish

Wild Radish

12 thoughts on “Wild Radish”

    1. Thanks Gigi 🙂 It’s a zapper. It gives him an electric shock if he tries to play on the road. The dogs on the farm have free run but there is a busy road out front and Buddy is only a puppy he has had a few near misses, it is supposed to discourage him from going that way. I don’t think that it hurts him it just annoys him so that he turns back. I am just going to do a post about him, I was working on the title, Badgers, Boar and…. something else that begins with B, Think, Colin, Think. 🙂


  1. I am always wary of using the internet to ID anything. I don’t know enough to know when I am being given false information but I do know enough to be rather sceptical. I found what I thought might be wild radish earlier this year but it had a faint mauve tinge to the petals. I am still not sure what it was.


    1. Hi Clare 🙂 One of the reasons Wild Radish is difficult to identify is that it has a wide colour range mauve/purple is very common but it can also be orange to pale yellow and white. The leaves are an important identification factor as is the crucifix shape of the flowers and the veining.


  2. Buddy has beautiful eyes. Tough to be mad at him when he looks at you like that!
    I try to source my IDs from educational or scientific sites if I can. I agree that mislabeling can be frustrating.


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