Fizz has Cat’s Ears (True)

Common Cat’s-ear, Hypochaeris radicata also known as False Dandelion..

Common Cat's-earThe flower looks a bit like a Dandelion but the shape is very different. Cat’s-ear is a tall wiry plant with branched stems bearing several flower heads whereas a Dandelion is a single flower on a stem.

The wrong shape.

Common Cat's EarThe other big difference is the timing. Although you might find a Dandelion at any time of year they are really a Spring flower.

This picture is Dandelions on the farm in April.

DandelionsThis next picture is the same field on May 12th. They come and they go and I look forward to them as much as the Bluebells.

DandelionsCat’s-ear flowers from June to September but it doesn’t give a spectacular display like the Dandelions.

Common Cat's-ear

Common Cat's-ear

Common Cat's-ear

Common Cat's-ear

Common Cat's-ear

Common Cat's-earFizz


13 thoughts on “Fizz has Cat’s Ears (True)”

  1. Very educational, Colin. Is there a dog’s ears equivalent? Why do bloggers have such great dogs. Simon has Jolly, Lottie has Colin Snout, I have Lulu, Steve has Murphy, ……. all great characters and Fizz is a splendid dog. Top dog marks.


    1. Thanks Andrew. I don’t know about other bloggers, I let this pooch follow me because she doesn’t complain when I stop to take pictures. I have tried many times to take friends (people) out on walks and that is a nice thing to do but no pictures. You can’t stop and spend twenty or thirty minutes watching a bug or lining up a flower if you are in company. I leave my camera at home. Fizz understands photography and she finds some shade and pants for a bit and waits patiently until I am ready to play again and she doesn’t make me feel guilty. I can take pictures when I am out with her. πŸ™‚


  2. Fizz is such a happy dog. I had Fred but he went a few years ago. I still miss him. And by the way, the photos are great. Every time I visit your blog I am urged to go and buy a decent camera. Thanks again.


    1. Thanks Sandi πŸ™‚ Fizz has an owner (Margaret) who has never taken Fizz for a walk or played with her and really doesn’t know her own dog. That is not her fault, she sees Fizz being happy with me and she is really grateful. Sometimes she tries to play with Fizz but she doesn’t know how to. The lady that I am talking about is elderly and not very mobile, she couldn’t go on a long walk. I have a mission to bring these two together, they already love each other but just don’t know how to play together. Fizz is actually pretty lazy too, she is a good dog for Margaret who isn’t lazy but immobile. I am working on this one πŸ™‚


      1. Thank you so much for sharing with me. I can’t imagine not knowing how to play and bond with Fizz. My heart has already bonded with her! Margaret and Fizz are very fortunate to have you as their friend. What you are doing is a great mission! They will learn to play together and you’ll sit back and enjoy the fruits of your labor! Sandi


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