This could be the end of August and I wouldn’t like it to go without saying a proper goodbye. I am going to miss you.

This is the Gorse in August.

Ulex europaeus, the Common Gorse. A beautiful and underrated shrub, it is one of the few flowers that we can pretty well count on in the winter months.

Common GorseNative to the UK and much of Europe it is considered invasive in most of the rest of the world, including New Zealand, Australia and the Americas.

Gorse is a valuable wildlife plant. It offers protection and nesting for many heathland birds but also a dense green refuge in harsh winter. It is said to be essential to the winter survival of a little bird called the Dartford Warbler.  Gorse can be found in flower all year round but it’s busiest period is from January on into Spring, this makes it a very valuable source of nectar for early insects when their isn’t a lot else about. These early flowering plants are very important to our invertebrates.

Common Gorse

Common Gorse

Common Gorse

Common Gorse

Common GorseFriends who watch TV keep telling me that the bad weather is going to pass and that we are in for some sunshine. That would be nice, I have hardly seen a single insect this year, one or two, there should have been a lot more. 🙂

6 thoughts on “Yellow”

  1. In its natural environment most so-called weeds are valuable. But here where gorse was planted as a hedge where there is no other plant it becomes a real menace.


  2. Another common beauty and your photos really show how extraodinary gorse is and your words how important it is. Our spanish gorse hasnt been in flower since the Spring but that and the broom are the early ones for the bees and other insects. So is almond blossom in Jan but we are too high and cold then for that.


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