Blue is for Sloes. Blackthorn is the most wonderfully photogenic tree.


BlackthornBlackthorn flowers appear before the leaves. Hawthorn, which looks very similar from a distance, gets it’s leaves first and then flowers. So when the hedgerow first turns white in March, that’s the Blackthorn and when it does it again in May that’s the Hawthorn.


BlackthornBut this isn’t Spring this is Autumn and today we have berries. There is no confusion at this time of year. The fruits of the Blackthorn are big and plentiful and very beautiful.





6 thoughts on “Blue”

    1. Thanks Andrew 🙂 You can of course make Sloe Gin with these fruits but there is a catch. To make a litre of Sloe Gin you will need to go out and buy a litre of decent quality gin and you flavour it with the berries. That always seems like a bit of a swizz to me 🙂


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