A New Buttercup

Ranunculus flammula, otherwise known as Lesser Spearwort.

SpearwortThis is a new one for me and it is quite important that I write these things down so that I don’t forget them.

Lesser Spearwort is a member of the family Ranunculaceae (Buttercup). Ranunculaceae is from the Latin word Ranunculus and means “Little Frog” because Buttercups look like little frogs? Or possibly for some other reason. I don’t know why they are little frogs but I quite like the name.


Ranunculus flammula

Ranunculus flammula

Ranunculus flammulaThe shape of the plant is a lot like a Meadow Buttercup, it is smaller and obviously the flower is different (not really a cup) and it is a waterside plant. It only grows in damp places.

Ranunculus flammula

Ranunculus flammulaAnother good clue to the identification is a red tint to the stems.

Ranunculus flammulaMore Pictures.

Ranunculus flammula

Ranunculus flammula

Ranunculus flammula

Ranunculus flammula

Ranunculus flammulaWell thanks if you read this post and double thanks if you enjoyed it. I need to know the names of things and I need to notice them. If this little flower has taken the trouble to be in the world then it would be very rude of me not to notice it and not to care about it.

It is poisonous BTW. 🙂


11 thoughts on “A New Buttercup”

  1. It’s interesting how nature can reflect life. Think about it even bees if they sting can kill, yet they make the sweetest product, honey. Sometimes life can be that way, in that the most challenging moments can also bring the greatest breakthroughs. God truly is amazing in the way he created things and also allows things to work, play out. This is why I love being a poet and songwriter, to convey all of life’s mysteries etc… I hope you’ll check out my book on Amazon “Mosaic of Life and Faith in Poems”


  2. As always another beautiful post. Isn’t life so spectacular when we are given the chance to see all the beauty and wonders that surround us in oh so many ways my friend! Thank you for sharing and I am grateful for you and your wonderful respect for nature! Peace my friend.


  3. This is a pretty buttercup. I read that they are called ‘little frog’ because many of the different buttercups thrive in muddy margins of ponds. This may be so. I have to know what plants, animals and insects are called as well. Only by knowing what other humans have called it and what they have discovered about it can we treat it properly. I am a beginner at this but I find it all really exciting. I am what my daughter would call a nerd!


  4. In the first photo after “More Pictures,” it struck me that from that angle it looks a bit like a tiny frog seen from behind – a bumpy, rounded back and a hint of the hind legs folded under.


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