Pretty Little Things (1 of 3)

Have you got those sheep photos for me yet?

It is not that easy. He has very specific requirements.

Number One: No natural behaviour (Number ones or number twos)

SheepIt is not easy to get fifteen sheep posed together with none of them doing something that they shouldn’t. Plus there are five lambs mixed in with this flock and he doesn’t want any of them in the pictures.

No lying down. (this is a lovely group shot)

SheepNo heads down, they must have their heads up and be looking at me. (This is a beautiful sheep, I would date this sheep)

SheepAbove all they mustn’t look sheepish. (Fine that should be no problem at all)

SheepHeroic Sheep that can sell themselves.






SheepLovely  Whatever I do they still look like sheep to me. (This is proving a very difficult assignment.

Here are some sheep behaving very naturally. Wandering down a busy A road in the forest.





SheepThere is an ancient law that says that people who live within the forest have the right to graze their sheep on common land and that means that they just open the door and let them out to go wherever they like.

These were wandering down a busy road about an hour ago when I went out to get my local paper. I have no idea how they get them back again.

It is nice to have sheep wandering about though it does help to slow the pace of things.


8 thoughts on “Pretty Little Things (1 of 3)”

  1. I so needed your post today. The sheep and your hilarious story were great. Thanks so much for sharing your light-hardheartedness. I had to show my husband this one. He needed a good laugh too! Have a great day, Colin!


  2. Someone once wrote, Sheep may safely graze. I’m not sure the forest roads are a very safe place to graze but their field craft is excellent. They blend it beautifully. What you need is a sheep dog. A second career for Fizz?


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