A really cute Bug

While I was out this morning looking for butterflies I ran into this little Cricket.

Speckled Bush CricketThis is a Speckled Bush Cricket. It only hung around for a couple of quick snaps and wouldn’t have stood a chance of getting a post of it’s own and it hasn’t.

Speckled Bush CricketHere’s the cutie…

Speckled Bush Cricket NymphThese are the nymphs of the Speckled Bush Cricket. Perfect little miniatures of their parents and always worth keeping an eye out for.

Speckled Bush Cricket Nymph

Speckled Bush Cricket Nymph

Speckled Bush Cricket NymphYou could easily mistake these for some kind of Aphid but they are not.

13 thoughts on “A really cute Bug”

    1. Thanks Andrew and a good question. I should have written more. 🙂 The Speckled Bush Cricket is a flightless insect. The male of the species has two small flaps where his fore wings ought to be (That’s what you are looking at) the hind wings are absent. The female has even smaller remnants of wings and of course a great big scythe like ovipositor. All perfectly normal.


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