Starvelings in the Storm

You have probably heard about the aftermath of Hurricane Bertha bearing down on the UK, it must have made the world news, no?

Well it rained a bit in the night.

I just wanted to let you know that we survived.

This is how bad it got…. The Birds nearly starved.

They are demanding little animals.

Now the sun is breaking through and I am going out to photograph some flowers in the rain.

18 thoughts on “Starvelings in the Storm”

    1. Thanks Vicki 🙂 Don’y worry, in the UK we have a tendency to exaggerate our weather problems and when the leaves fall off the trees the country grinds to a halt because we weren’t expecting that to happen 🙂


      1. I’ll have to agree with that.

        In the ‘hot’ summer of 1976, when I lived in London, the news report said “it was sooooo hot you could fry eggs on the footpath/pavement” – it was only 30C (86F)! We Aussies living in London found that very funny. Even more unusual was the fact that large stores like Selfridges didn’t have air conditioning (at that time).

        I lived in the London suburb of Parsons Green in Jan 1979 with the heavy snowfalls in London. Now that WAS unusual. I don’t remember it being cold though. Perhaps we always had thick woollen coats, gloves and scarves and central heating.

        When it snowed in the outer eastern suburbs of Melbourne last week…… that was really cold (because we’re not used to it).


  1. The birds seem happy, glad you all made it. The storm has had some unexpected effects in our area of London (Ealing), causing the water pressure on our shower to drop and flooding the main high street so that buses are being diverted at the moment. Bad Bertha.


  2. Fair amount of rain here and its windy but nothing too bad. We have deep ditches almost all the way round the property so no flooding danger – as if! I like the video of your visiting birds.


  3. Significant storm damage here. My son insisted we put two cars in the garage and all our garden bits and bobs.

    I drove over a folding garden chair putting one car away. Probably £15 worth of damage we wouldn’t have had had we not listened to the radio.


  4. Love the video! My sparrow mob were more upset about me putting the daily food out late because of the rain. And one empty feeder went flying in the wind…or that might have been the sparrows throwing it in anger.


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