Fruits of the Forest (not)

Fizz and I went back into the Jungle today to search for the fruit of a particular plant, the Arum Lily.

Wild ArumIt has become a bit overgrown since our last visit and the  fruits haven’t been easy to find but by now they should be bright red and they should stand out a bit..

Fizzand stand out they did.

Wild Arum

Wild Arum

Wild Arum

Wild ArumThe berries of this plant look so inviting. They always remind me of Toffee Apples, glazed fruit on a stick. They are of course extremely poisonous and could kill you but they burn the mouth so it would be very difficult to eat enough to harm yourself.

Something obviously does eat them as we found quite a few like this.

Wild ArumArum maculatum is a wonderful plant, not really a flower at all it is a complex and effective fly trap.

Wild ArumI wrote about the mechanism of the fly trap back in May and you can see that post here..

The Heart of Darkness

So we have been to the jungle and we have come back unharmed. Not stung or poisoned or even ate by Flies and we are going home to batten down the hatches, there is a storm coming.

Come on Poochy.


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