Back Off or I’ll Sting You!

Oh no you won’t, you’re not a wasp.

Am so!

So are you a male wasp or a female wasp.

You won’t care when I am done stinging you!

Chrysotoxum festivum

Chrysotoxum festivum

Chrysotoxum festivum

Chrysotoxum festivum

Chrysotoxum festivumIt’s just that most male wasps have seven segments to their abdomen and seven stripes and females have six… and you have got four, so I was wondering, are you a male wasp or a female one?

Right I’m ready. You’re for it now.

I’ll just have a little drink, then I’m going to sting you!

You better start running.

Chrysotoxum festivum

Chrysotoxum festivum

Chrysotoxum festivum

Chrysotoxum festivumThe problem with this little fly is that she hasn’t got a name. She has got a scientific name (Chrysotoxum festivum) but she hasn’t got a common name.

Nobody has noticed her or deemed her important enough to be included in their conversations.

Look out Mavis! It’s one of them Dangerflies. You watch the kids and I’ll get a stick to whack her if she comes any closer.” “Don’t whack her Fred, she’s a harmless little pollinator.”

Nobody has ever been frightened by her. She is of course a Hover Fly and a strikingly bold and beautiful one and she should have a name. Perhaps not Dangerfly though.

Chrysotoxum festivum


37 thoughts on “Back Off or I’ll Sting You!”

    1. That’s wonderful Gigi 🙂 I can sense the difference in Amy already. She no longer has to pretend to be something she isn’t. She has her own identity and it is like a weight has been lifted from her little thorax. She is like a free spirit. 🙂


  1. I was alerted by a friend that there are a LOT of wannabe bees and wasps that are really flies…I never knew there were so many of them, nor did I know how important flies are to pollination. My education as an amateur naturalist continues daily.


    1. Thanks Dennis 🙂 I am still trying to learn about our UK wasps and I don’t have a clue what your options would be in Indiana also it is pretty well impossible to get a positive ID from a single picture. That said, your picture looks like one of the Vespula species, what you call a Yellowjacket. (One that stings) Possibly Vespula germanica. You were wise not to get too close 🙂


  2. A very nice find. British Hoverflies says it is never abundant ( p.130-1). Widespread in the South. If you have not seen it I recommend Stubbs & Falk. Good book.


  3. Now that I see her up close, it’s the eyes that make her a fly. We don’t have her. But now that I see how interesting the insects are on Blogosphere, I will watch out as the weather warms up down here. I have a few spiders I want to send you.


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