I was expecting Acorns

I was quite surprised to find Artichokes in my Oak Tree.

Oak Artichoke Gall

Oak Artichoke Gall

Oak Artichoke GallThese are the product of another Gall Wasp called Andricus fecundator. I think that we should have more Galls on this blog just because they are a bit weird. πŸ™‚ These are called Oak Artichoke Galls or Oak Hop Galls.

Oak Artichoke Gall

10 thoughts on “I was expecting Acorns”

  1. I have a friend who collects these from various places so she can make ink. As for me, I grew up stomping on ‘puff balls’ to make them pop. This was when they were dried up and empty. Nature: how much fun can you have with something so weird?


    1. Thanks Lora πŸ™‚ I love the way that children play with nature. Who didn’t grow up with Conkers and Daisy chains and Sticky Willy? Maybe that is why so many of us feel a link with nature as we get older, remembering more innocent days.


  2. We get galls on willows here – never seen them on oaks (just have a scrub oak in our area)! When they dry out, the scales form ‘petals’ and the result is a beautiful brown paper-like rose. I’ll see if I can find some to post on my blog for you to see. Love rambling with you, BTW. :o)


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