Peacock Butterflies (1)

I am going to be a bit tied up for the next day or two. No I haven’t got a new girlfriend, my Butterflies are starting to emerge.

Yesterday I looked at the chrysalis’s  and they looked like this.

Peacock ButterflyToday they had changed.

Peacock ButterflyThe first one is out. Don’t worry about the picture quality just now, I will sort that out. They are on paper and I can move them into better light. For now this one is right at the back of a cupboard on an overcast day so it is a bit poor quality.

Peacock Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

Peacock Butterfly

Peacock ButterflyThere are thirty two chrysalis. I knew that when one started to go that would be the signal that the rest would follow, they all moulted at the same time. I have just been back to check on the first one and as I looked in a second emerged right in front of me. It is a great thing to see. I will video it for you.

Peacock ButterflyA whole bunch of them stuck themselves to the nettles, they are easy to move around

Peacock ButterflyAs the nettles died the leaves started to fall off. This is the only chrysalis that has come off. When I was cleaning out around them I took this one out and put it on my kitchen table. It started leaping around like a Mexican Jumping Bean. I never knew they were concious and capable of movement in this state.

Peacock ButterflyWell this is a badly written and badly photographed post but bear with me, things are going to get a lot clearer and you will see some beautiful things.

Now I have to take Shaun the Sheep for a little walk. The day is getting on, I hope they don’t all emerge in the night.

13 thoughts on “Peacock Butterflies (1)”

  1. Very Good. I remember we had all this sort of stuff going on in Class 2 at Primary School. Our teacher (Miss Neville) used breed Luna Moths at home, and let them fly around her home.


  2. I can well understand how amazing it is to watch the butterfly emerge.

    I’m still is awe of the day I saw a water lily bud literally ‘pop’ open before my eyes into a flower. Nature truly is incredible if we stop and take the time to observe.


  3. I remember finding a chrysalis when I was a little girl and was fascinated by the way it wriggled on the palm of my hand. I also find moth chrysalis in the soil when I’m gardening and they move too. You’d think they would keep still in the hope that they wouldn’t be recognised as food.


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