Faeries are Real

Hi , well despite all the goings on in my kitchen cabinets Dogs still need to be walked. She is not my Dog but I do believe that nice things happen to nice people, so lets go be nice and walk the mutt.

Pterophorus pentadactylaOh wow! You look fantastic. Where did you go? Did you have that blonde girl? I always have her. Oh you look really lovely.

Okay I’ll shut up. Bludy shearers mistook her for a sheep again.

Haircut and I have been out doing our nature observation stuff and approaching things in a scientific manner as we always do and it was in this frame of mind that I came across our next discovery.

This is a Faerie. (it is saying “Hi!” to you.)

White Plume MothI wasn’t over surprised to come across one, I have caught fleeting glimpses of them before and I knew that they existed. In fact if ever I eat in the wild I always leave something of my food for the spirit and my photographs on this blog are free of copyright because that is my way of giving back to the spirits who give me things. So I always knew there were Faeries but I have never had the chance to photograph one before.

A Faerie is like a little man with wings. They are mischievous and can be down right dangerous, you might find yourself falling asleep in a meadow and waking up with Asses ears or falling in love with the next beast that you see. This one was just playing with me.

White Plume Moth

White Plume Moth

White Plume Moth

Okay these are not the best photographs that I have taken but if you compare them to photographs of the Sasquatch or the Loch Ness Monster then, come on, at least you can see what my one is.

It is not every day that I meet a Faerie, it probably happened because I was being kind to a mistaken sheep for no other reason than that I am kind if you get my drift. Let me share my photos.

(In some of my shots you might think this was an Angel but Angels are much larger than Faeries)

White Plume Moth

White Plume Moth

White Plume Moth

White Plume Moth

White Plume MothI am pretty sure that I know what I know and that this is a Faerie and not an Angel but I take a lot of care in my identifications and I check everything. I have submitted my photographs to the best entomologists and lepidopterists in the country. If I am wrong and there is actually an insect that looks like this I am certain they will come back to me immediately and before I make an Ass of myself announcing to the world that I believe in Faeries.

I am sure of what I have seen and I don’t really see any need to wait for their response.

Ladies and Gentlemen I give you the Faerie,


Ho Hum…. The bosses have come back to me and there is an animal called the White Plume Moth, Pterophorus pentactyla that looks just like this and I knew that. I meant the Faerie that was riding it.

FizzFor a Dog, you do good expressions. No don’t get up.


19 thoughts on “Faeries are Real”

  1. I’ve never heard of the White Plumed Moth, much less seen anything like it. Great series of photos (despite what you say). We can’t always get the perfect shot without a blade of grass to spoil the view.


  2. I am giggling with delight! Of course it’s a faery. What do the silly entomologists and lepidopterists know about it anyway? Those wings are incredible, and branches on the legs? That’s fabulous.


  3. I followed your ‘like’ on my blog and found fod= Forest of Dean. I used to visit the Nag’s Head reserve when I visited my mother in Hereford. Happy days. I don’t have badgers but occasionally we her wild boar.


  4. Really beautiful ! Great post. I think this sort of magnificent fairy creature might have inspired the great artist John Anster Fitzgerald to paint remarkable fairy pictures.


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